"ZGuide" Side by Side Commercial mower specs

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mowpart rep, Feb 13, 2007.

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    Ever get tired of going from website to website trying to compare mowers? You don't have to any more. Just go to www.mowpart.com and check out the "Z Guide" It covers all major brands of ZTR's and mid-size walk behinds. Just select which size your interested in and print out the specs.

    Commercial Mower Purchase Guide
    Side by side mower comparison chart

    MowPart.com is proud to offer a tool that will help you determine the true value of a new commercial ZTR or mower. The side by side specs offered in this guide will reveal the options and features needed to make an intelligent commercial mower purchase. Please use this guide and please use www.mowpart.com for your mower parts purchases. Thank you.

    The "ZGuide" covers the following sizes
    25hp-34hp Diesel x-large frame zero turn mowers
    25hp-41hp Diesel large frame zero turn mowers
    23hp-35hp Gas large frame zero turn mowers
    23hp-30hp Gas medium/large frame zero turn mowers
    18hp-25hp Gas medium/small frame zero turn mowers
    20hp-27hp 3 wheel mowers
    15hp-23hp Hydro walk behinds
    13hp Unitized Hydro walk behind
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    i'm starting to think lawnsite members should get paid every time they have to read this.
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    Yeah thats good info but its not current, I think it still has last years specs though. It doesn't list the correct information about Toro's walkbehinds. It sais they come with 13-15hp in either single cyl or v-twin and that the deck is 10guage top and 7 sides and thats an SFS deck. The 2007 models only come with Turbo Force Deck which is all 7 guage and the only engine option is the Kaw 15hp v-twin or bigger.
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    Some specs are still being updated. We will try to update them asap.
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    Thanks for pointing out that dead link. We have resolved it.
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    The Dixie Chopper diesel specs need updating. For both 60" and 72" inch mowers they are using the Yanmar 35.5hp, 1642 cc engine (3TNV88).
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    I will update that Monday.
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    hello im new in the biz and wondering whats the best blades to buy high lift med lift? Fusion or gator so many things and i dont know what they do. Im in palm beach florida and have a 42" hustler and a 48" Yazoo. Can you teach me or advice me with any good info
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    Where's my John Deere 797 ?

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