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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by fool32696, Sep 12, 2008.

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    I want people to be able to look up their zip on my site to see if it's an area that we service. has this feature and so does Can I just download the code, upload it to my site and set up a database for zips that I service?
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    As far as a by zip code it looks like they just coded the ones they use in their page with some java script. However they also have a "ring tone" service that's a paid phone directing service and the zip code script might be an "exrea" feature that comes with that; hard to tell the way the page is coded but if you are in an area with only 4 or 5 zip codes you service it's not that hard to do a java script that recognizes those and if it's not one of them says "sorry no" or whatever message.

    There also is a new feature Google has for actual search. It's called "local search" (part of their paid stuff) and it looks at IP addresses to see if they are in your area and if so it gives you preference in the listings (doesn't work with AOL or companies that have all their IP's in one location)

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