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    Do any of you use or have experience with a Z-355 Z-master? It is the Z with the dense pack system, 48" center discharge flip up deck, and 25 hp kohler engine. Ive just picked up one with the typical 25 Kohler head gasket scenario and replaced the head gaskets, strapped a new carb, and rebuilt the starter-723 hours on whole unit. I've heard a lot of negative about these setups and wanted to hear feed back from the pros on the viablity of this machine. I plan on making it a backup to my Z-253 52" and use the 355 primarily for leaf collection in the fall and cutting in tight quarters during the Spring. Thanks for your help - Bactrac
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    My partner has one. He was very disapointed at first. There were some problems with it at first. Several were covered under recalls, some were not.
    He did have several problems hitting things in high grass, an axehead for example. Obviously this is not Toro's problem and not too many mowers are designed to mow axeheads, rebar, rocks etc.

    Since getting all the recalls taken care of he likes it, but it was a big hassel getting there.

    I personally have been looking at Walker's, and they stack up better than the Toro 355, in my opinion, I do not own either.


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