zone 1 controlled by ALL odd zones on timer

Discussion in 'Zone Talk' started by platinumlawnservices, Apr 30, 2020.

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    Im working on an older rainbird controller. Turned the water on today and was setting up timer. Had to start from scratch. Must have lost power over the winter. Testing zones and notice that 2 4 and 6 all operate as intended but zones 1 3 5 and 7 all turn on only zone 1. Not sure what has happened. Any Ideas? Going to try a reset tomorrow and the customer is already thinking about a new timer anyway but it would be nice to have it running until shes ready to purchase a new one.

    Thanks in advance!
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    First thing I would do is open all the valve boxes and splice boxes and check all the wiring in the box. Make sure nothing's wonky, shorted, or wired incorrectly. Maybe even try unwiring the problem valves, and then wire them back up one at a time, to try and isolate the problem.

    Then I'd try replacing the module (assuming it's one of the models that has modules) maybe something is cross connected.

    And It probably wouldn't hurt to check the valves manually, just to verify that it is an electrical problem not a plumbing problem. No need to spend hours messing with wires only to discover that valve one was stuck open and needed the top taken off and the diaphragm cleaned.
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    Electrical testing at the controller is where you need to start
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    There’s a ton of rainbird controllers in use, could you be a tad more specific?

    Notice a pattern here?
    Is there more than one common wire?
    If so, can you separate commons for isolation?
    What are the resistance values for 1,3,5,7?
    Is there voltage present on 3,5,7 when 1 is on?
    How about voltage on 1 when 3,5,7 are on?
    What is watering? Turf or drip? If drip, could more than one zone be operating and you’re assuming it’s one zone?
    Do you have a clamp meter? If so you can tell right off if only one or multiple zones are operating by the amperage draw.

    I would do a standard resistance, voltage, amperage test to determine what’s actually happening before replacing the controller, last thing you need is to R&R a controller and still have a field wiring issue.
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