zone 6-7 large tree least likely to get holes/decay?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by roody2333, Jun 17, 2018.

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    Had a 40 foot white birch die and needed to be felled. Had a rotted hole down the trunk in the crutch. White birch are quite delicate prone to problems and don't want to plant one again.

    Have a 50 foot maple (silver maple? not sure) with a crutch rot hole and is being removed before it eventually drops a limb. Doesn't seem weak but don't want it to become a problem. It also has a horizontal hole near the base. It looks like 2 or 3 saplings/trees formed into one double/triple trunk of one tree - not sure if that's just how some trees form or if it's indeed 2 or 3 trees in one which created this crutch hole problem. Would prefer just a single-trunk tree least likely to have crutch hole problems.

    Watched a bunch of videos about tree cavities, people spraying expanding foam in them seems to not help whatsoever. Better to just chop it down now and be safe.

    So for NJ zone 6 or 7, what are the strongest trees that grow decent height and least likely to have cavities or crutch holes? I see a lot of oaks grow like 80 feet high but eventually need an arborist to climb and prune now and then - want something that doesn't need to be climbed ever if possible. something zero maintenance if there's such a thing. Something squirrels/birds would nest in (silver maple has at least one large nest). Maybe a pine even though they're not dense for nests or shade? Pines are easy to climb and then cut back limbs to the trunk for heal-over if ever need be and don't need climbing gear or arborist usually.

    might just plant large (eventually) bushes though instead.
    any suggestions? thanks
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