Zone 7a highest quality/cost granular?

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by creatived, Mar 18, 2013.

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    Besides Lesco what are guys using? I tried Signature last year and it was much better. Where are we getting the deals from and the quality fert?
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    What kind of aspects define quality for you? No dust? Free flowing? High ratio of slow release? IBDU? Sulfur coat? Polycoat? Methylene urea? Quick response? Long lasting? Season long? Ratio that fits your main soil types? Iron needed? Are you on sandy soil? Non-phos area? Clay? Acid soil? Low chlorine? Non-burning? A liquid fert?

    Do you need an organic or bridge product? Do you want the inert ingredients to be organic? Do you have a lot of clients and potential customers that want a "green" approach? Barry can help you. Phasthound knows grass nutritional needs.

    Do you want your fert to be as good as TruGreen? Good as Scotts? Better than both?
    Do you need crabgrass control in it? Weed control? Insecticide included?

    Do you have enough soil tests to know what nutrients you need?

    If you mow--do you want slow or fast growth? (LOL!)

    What ratio do you prefer in spring as compared to late fall?
    What sort of disease problems are most common on your grass species and climate?
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