[Zone 8b] Green June Beetles SWARMING backyard


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We finally had some rain here in Central TX, and now there are hundreds and hundreds of shiny green June Beetles swarming in my backyard. They are mostly concentrated under the shade of an Elm and Oak tree in an area where grass doesn't grow. Some of them are further out in the actual lawn. You can't even go outside because they are EVERYWHERE.

I did not see them like this last year, and I didn't really have any issues this year with patches of lawn dying or what I understand looks like white grub damage.

Does the huge amount of green beetles flying around and mating right now mean I'm in for a world of hurt come spring? All the preventative things I've read say you need to treat early spring BEFORE you get to this point because now, as I understand it, they will lay eggs, larvae will hatch in a few weeks, and my lawn will be all burrowed out and not green up next spring (if damage happens).

I don't use pesticides and don't want to unless absolutely, 100% necessary. I back up to undeveloped land so we have lots of wildlife and insect variety that I would like to keep!


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We call those "Junebugs" round here. My grandparents used to tie a string around there leg and let them fly around back in simple America! LOL