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  1. TFL

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    in general can you run a mowing operation from your house such as this is where you do your books and where people call and be within zoning regulations.
  2. AL Inc

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    Yes. But I think the problem starts when you start storing trucks and equipment there. It may be legal to do this, but the neighbors may start to complain about noise, smell from clippings, etc. I would imagine it varies from state to state. Mike
  3. TFL

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    Thanks for te info i will check locally
  4. Barkleymut

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    Here in my county you can keep the truck and trailer at your home but not any equipment. They notified me of this law the day I got my business license. I live in a nice neighborhood and I know the neighbors would be complaining if they saw a couple of walkbehinds in the back yard. They probably hate my truck since it is so beat up.
  5. Albemarle Lawn

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    and the pursuit of screaming machines that get the job done.

    Don't tread on me...Neighbors...can move if they don't like it.

  6. Albemarle Lawn

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    Everybody wants a pretty lawn and service people to maintain the lawns.

    Just as long as they live somewhere else.

    If they bug you find something to bug them about. This neighbor used to harass me by calling the city until I pointed out that he had too many unregistered vehicles laying around.

    I made him a deal. He doesn't call city on me and I don't call on him.

    Finally, there is a federal code that protects us. No not the home office dedcuction we have come to love...


    That's right. You tell your neighbors that if you have to move you will rent your house to section 8 tenants.

    Nothing like getting your rents paid by the US Treasury. They simply always pay on time.

  7. TFL

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    Haven't had any complaints from my neighbors yet. Of course on one side lives a retired LCO and on the other an elderly man who says he enjoys haveing some noise and exitment in the nieghborhood because he ain't dead yet. Most of the People in my nieghborhood have or still run their own business and understand every penny counts when starting out.
    i was just worried about an inspector or somthing seeing it and reporting it.
  8. lawnstudent

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    With the congestion on our roads and air pollution, government has been encouraging work @ home. Home office where you take calls, keep files, etc. shouldn't be problem. Trucks, equipment, & trailers are another issue. Depends on local laws and neighborhood Codes, Covenants and Restrictions. My neighborhood CC&Rs excludes commercial trucks, trailers and equipment. He!!, my neigbors are so uptight that they all come out of their house to meet and discuss reporting me to the architectual review board everytime I bring my boat on to my property just to wash, grease, charge batteries or load-up for a couple of hours! Good luck, good fish'n and good evening.


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