Zoyia Grass and weed spraying

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Holloway Lawns, Jul 2, 2001.

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    Do any of you know if using weed killer will hurt Zoyia Grass I heard it would kill the grass also just trying to find out more info on it. Thanks
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    Used consumer-type Spectracide weed killer from Lowes on my zoysia.

    My turf has been established for MANY years and is very thick.

    I think the stuff was called "Weed Stop".

    7 teaspoons to 3 gallons H2O...I did it with a garden sprayer.

    It did a good job on the white dutch clover, dandelions, and the plantains...and turf looks to be happy.

    Did this about a month and a half ago and have been getting rain regularly.

    So far...so good......:)
  3. Most any broadleaf killer no problem. If you use msma (weed-hoe) or any other grassy weed killer FOLLOW directions. Its best to spray on healthy/established zoysia. Otherwise the grass will take longer to recover. Usually you can't kill off zoysia unless you give two or more applications of roundup. We deal with emerald/and matrella zoysia. Some newer varieties-El Toro, and Z-3 which have a wider blade looking much like centipede grass but much tougher and can be reel mowed (1/2 in.). All of these varities are tuffffff. And they send out runners to eat up anything in their way. Sometimes we just let the grass do what comes natural and eventually it will crowd out most weeds/even nutgrasses!

    Hope this helps.

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    We deal with alot of zoysia lawns in my area. We mix Tri-Power and MSMA together with a surfactant. Mixture: 4oz Tri-Power/4oz MSMA/2oz surfactant for 4 gallon tank. Spray to coat..no run off. We also use Sencor for stubborn weeds. (goosegrass) Mixture: 1Tbls. per 4 gallon tank added to previously mentioned mixture. Dont over lap to heavly or there will be some tip burn. Other wise formula works on weeds not on grass. Hope this helps.
  5. Holloway Lawns

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    Ok thanks for your response's. There is a local company here that told one of my customers that any weed killer on the Zoyia would also kill the grass. So I told him I would check into it some and see what I find out.
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    Like any pesticide the first thing is identify the weed species. Once you ID the weed as either broadleaf, nutgrass or grassy weed you can choose a selective herbicide to treat the target weed. Tri-mec or Confront will take out most broadleaves, Manage for nutsedge and MSMA for crabgrass types. Like someone else mentioned read the label and stay within recommended rates. If you are nervous try a test spray on a small area and monitor it for control and/or damage.

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