Zoysia club roots?

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    So do you think you are seeing nematode damage ? It can be hard to say "yes, that is nematode damage". It's very subtle.

    Without being right there on that turf i wouldn't want to say. You have to go by that assay and if it is only a year old then it probably hasn't changed much.

    You haven't reached a damaging level of nematodes so working on plant health is the right way to go. Just keep an eye on nematode levels. A yearly test should be plenty.
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    I've had dead patches the last 2 years, that require plugging in the Spring. I thought it was root rot, but it seems like I was chasing my tail by adding too much Pre M and now nematodes. I spent a lot of money and time last year on fungicides, greendoctors soluble N and K recipes with micros, insecticides, Dismiss, Exteris, etc.

    These were taken in October last year.
    2-IMG_7629.JPG 3-IMG_7628.JPG 4-IMG_7627.JPG 1-IMG_7631.JPG
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