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Zoysia grass question


LawnSite Member
Las Vegas
I planted some Zoysia companion about 1 1/2 years ago. It has been taking off pretty good since then. This will be the 2nd full summer that I have had it. I still have about 1/4 of the lawn that is still waiting for it to make it's way up there. I recently start plugging now that the Zoysia is established in the other section of the yard.

I noticed yesterday while mowing that there is a fair amount of sometype of broadleaf growing. The only thing ever planted were companion Zoysia and some perennial rye for winter color. I noticed that the broadleaf grows at a faster rate then the Zoysia. But is it a weed? Or something else?

Below are some photos for comparison sake. Also, the last photo. Can you tell me if that is a Zoysia seed head or something else?





LawnSite Senior Member
Edmond, Oklahoma
That blade in the first pic doesn't look that different from Zoysia but it could be Dallisgrass. The seed heads in the later pic is from the zoysia.