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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by gcbama, Dec 2, 2009.

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    I have a client that had zoysia installed this summer and had the lawn irrigated with the new grass. The problem is now there appears to be the grass is thinning out in areas of the yard particularly close to the house. The yard is small with morning sun and afternoon shade. The grass started thinning out around september and before then it looked great. What do the experts recommend that i do to try and fix the problem.

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    Sounds like a shade problem. Shorter days and low sun angles, combine with extra high soil temperatures in August. That is tough on a grass that needs full sun. The north side of the house is usually affected first.

    No cure for not enough sun. However you could try: 1)Tall fescue, 2) Shade tolerant ground cover (pachysandra, myrtle, ivy, ajuga, stonecrop, hosta, ferns, lamium, euonymous or local favorites).
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    I believe zoysia is about to go dormant in Alabama as well. Since your client has irrigation, heat tolerant bluegrass or TTTF would be better. Zoysia does not like the cold and it hates the shade. Even here in Hawaii, zoysia will look bad from December to beginning of March due to lack of sun and lower temperatures. It is often not worth having grass near the north or east side of a structure or wall. Here, those places are landscaped with shade tolerant ground covers or shrubs that do not mind less sun.
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    If it is truly shaded then I might have an idea. Just from my experience here in Huntsville with my own lawn. Most zoysia you get around here is Myers. It seems to do fine for 3 years and then starts thinning in shaded areas just like Bermuda. I began going for a variety called EL Toro as it has done much better in shade. That's just my experience with it. Also check the soil and make sure everything is in order.

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