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Calvert City KY
My yard is well established zoysia that looks pretty good for the most part. I have lived in the house five years and have done nothing but mow it. It seems to be very gradually not looking as good over the past couple of years. It has a few patches of junk grass here and there and a few spots that are thin and spotty. My question is this: what should I do if want my yard to look great and not just decent. Thanks


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Grand Rapids MI
junk grass is vague. Get it accurately identified by an expert. Crabgrass? Tall fescue? Bermuda? Thin grass is a symptom of shade--OR on the other hand--it is a symptom of a hot dry summer. Zoysia spreads slowly so try planting plugs taken from other parts of your lawn.
However I am not from zoysia country--so--I cannot help you regarding diseases and insects.