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I am new to Zoysia grass have several questions and any other information that I might need to know would be appreciated.
I live in nashville tn. Bought companion zoysia seed and sowed it last may 2003. Was afraid to use in herbicides on it last year mostly weeded it by hand. Was wondering when, what type, and where to buy fertilizer, pre emergence, etc.., and when to apply.
Another question is my yard is full of grass in some spots and patchy in others. I believe it will do fine after it starts spreading. My question is I have some high and low spots that I would like to smooth out. Would using a roller on this work and should I wait until the grass fills in a little more.
Any other information would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks again

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I see that no one has answered you and so I’ll give it a try. I’m in an area where you won’t find zoysia, but some of the principles will be the same.

Reasons for having a patchy lawn could be due to a number of things, application irregularities, too much or not enough water in spots, runoff, shade, and other possibilities. Zoysia spreads slowly and so if you’re waiting for it to fill in large areas you may have quite a wait. You may choose to reseed those patches that didn’t fill in, and if the patches aren’t that big you might go with plugs or stolons, etc.

The high and low spots are generally taken care of before putting seed down, however water saturated soil can sometimes be “flattened out”. At the same, it could create a big muddy mess. Like treating a carpet for a stain, try it in a corner first.

You should be able to use a selective broadleaf herbicide over the zoysia to kill non-parallel veined leafy weeds such as clover or dandelions. If you’re going to reseed, I’d be careful about using any pre emergence herbicides. Whatever you use, plan on reading the labels very carefully before you buy. At this point in the game I’d stay away from quick release nitrogen fertilizers, such as ammonium sulphate. You want the roots to grow strong before dumping down high percentages of nitrogen. I would target a fertilizer with a relatively high percentage of phosphorus (for root growth). Instead of going to Walmart, you may want to get your fertilizer and chemicals at a seed company, irrigation and pipe specialty store, or a nursery. Try to lock into a place where someone explains rather than just sells.


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Come see us a Dickens Supply in Cool Springs or Nashville. Sorry for the shameless plug but it sounds like you could use some help, even if it is only advice.
I suspect that the germination of your Zoysia seed (notoriously unpredictable) was spotty last year and is likely to require seeding and/or aeration again this year. Zoysia can be very slow to establish this far North. Sodding is preferred but sprigging is yet another option.

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