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    Ok guys I have 4 acres of zoysia with confirmed "large brown patch" aka zoysia patch. I am getting differing openions on when to apply prostar fungicide.

    I am looking for a few more openions.

    I am not sure,

  2. You got me, I am clueless now. Never seen or heard of this one.
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    Check with a turf products distributor in your area. Then contact a golf course superintendent with zoysia fairways just to keep the chemical rep honest.....
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    Okay, so you have 'large brown patch' confirmed - by a disease diagnosis lab or by a soil test?
    Timing on the fungicide will depend upon when you want the Zoysia to recover. Not being aware of the climate/growing conditions in your area, you should have applied the moment you were able to confirm the disease.
    Also, the disease is always present yet emerged beyond the turfs' ability to ward off, so a cultural problem should be identified/corrected as well.
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    we are looking to correct culteral problems.

    We were going to treat ASAP after getting the cut height lowered some it was 4". How ever UofA and Kansas University both said it was dormant right now to wait till it cools down a bit and it becomes active, We have spot sprayed to no avail.

    This lawn is less then 2 years old, on a hill and they had lots of runoff rainfall and lots of problems getting it in. They are not too happy with it. Or me, I have done all I know how to do to it. I was very cautious with herbicides because of the overall health of the lawn, We do have a bunch of crabgrass breakthrough from 12' of rain the first week of june.

    Experience is knowing when to sau NO to a lawn LOL

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    I have had good results with a fall application of heritage when the soil temps are around 50 degrees follow it up with a spring app when soil temps reach 50 degrees again. I have used the .4 oz rate, but heritage is now registered for zoysia patch at the .2 oz rate for this year. Also look at endorse (new product) for zoysia patch. I have also used PCNB in the past with limited results.
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