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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by epik, May 11, 2005.

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    I have a very close friend who lives outside of Baltimore, MD. He is an avid DIY'er. He has a mature zoysia lawn,waters regularly, de-thatches at least annually. No airation. He uses Scott's products. No pre-em this year but did weed-feed mid April, probably before the grass was not out of dormancy completely. He tells me he did a heavy de-thatch last fall. The lawn was coming in well this spring. However, a few of the late starting areas, some latent browning, died off leaving bald areas. I suggested, again, changing his fert program to a specialist, waiting a little longer to feed, re-plugging in heavy de-thatched areas. Any other suggestions please??!!
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    It sounds like a fertilizer burn. How thick did he put down the weed & feed,and what did he use to put it down? About the de-thatcher,you should only de-thatch just enough to pick up the dead grass,leaves and other thatch materials,not to ware the ground is showing.But like I said before it sound like a fertilizer burn,thats ware you put a little to much down in one spot or the entire yard,I think if you fertilize right then you should be fine.Plugging the yard after de-thatching should not be necessary,and you should fertilize at peak growing season which I think is around late-April,May and June.

    Good luck with it!!! :D
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    Well it sounds like he did his de-thatching too late last fall. Should be done no later than August in mid-atlantic or else the turf doesn't have time to recover. Also its not really recommended to de-thatch unless water stands on the ground after extended rains indicating a dense mat of stolons. I usually NEVER see this. Simply raking with a bamboo rake in the spring will remove loose or dead debris and allow the sun to warm the turf, jumpstarting the green-up process. It's been pretty cool this spring and the turf hasn't had a chance to really warm-up yet. If the turf is now bare then you'll want to re-plug now! Best plugs in the area are at the Burtonsville Turf Center (off 198 just east of 650)


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