Zoysia Sod Didn't Come Out..15% Loss

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by ed2hess, Mar 23, 2012.

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    There is a reason we call it new mexico and such. Nonetheless there are laws of the land.

    I am just saying, do not assume mexicans do not do landscape and many labor jobs well just because they are mexican. Or any other illegal hispanic from central america.
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    This was not meant as anything negative against mexicans but the point was if they will not take your advice then let someone else take the job and avoid the BS.
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    It is a mess, I suppose people will have to get used to paying high food prices because crops are rotting in the fields or wages sky rocket because you will not get someone to come off unemployment to pick crops for $10, 12 or even 15.

    Resorts are having problems hiring seasonal workers.

    LCO's are competing against illegals that are now operating independently or other LCO's that do not mind running them as 1099 workers. This keeps the prices down for the mean time.

    Construction companies have the same problem. We need to either lighten up on the issue are really crack down in it. It is not black and white but it is so politically charged that no one really wants to address the issue.

    So many of these undocumented workers have established themselves in the USA. They have families and such.

    I do not know the solution but I am stuck in the middle of it. My hires are processed through E-Verify

    I get no real responce when I post jobs on the texas work force commision. I see people standing on corners in some places of town looking for work.
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    Wow, it's amazing what sod can do for an area. Good job on the work, and I'm glad the sod company replaced the bad pallet for you.
  5. ed2hess

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    Well the sod company says stick it in our case so this Friday we are buying a pallet and replace the dead stuff. I will post before and after. There is something going on with this zoysia in that I see it dying back as the temp is coming up and rain is gone-on established yards. now these yards get water once a week but that looks like it aint enough. We all were sold the idea that it was more drought tolerant. And our customer is hand watering so I will bet that by August his lawn will look like hell and he will post all over the net how worthless we are. Even after we replace the dead stuff.
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    I am not familiar with your areas conditions but I would assume they are some what similar to ours here in Central Florida. If that is the case I would guess you would be hard pressed to find a zoysia lawn that is going to look great with once a week irrigation without supplemental rainfall.
    Zoysia particularly the Empire cultivator has did a great job of marketing there Zoysia as "drought tough" and chinch bug resistant to the home owner market here. The fact is they fail to inform the home owner about billbugs and that other pest such as grubs still can and will affect the lawn and that if they want there lawn to appear green they are going to put ounce for ounce the same amount of water as they would with SA. So homeowners have made a effort to move to Zoysia not knowing that IMO anyway that it is really a higher input turf. The results here can be seen in Zoysia lawns that are "poofy" looking because they are mowed high like SA, patchy because of billbug tunnels that have effected the turfs appearance and lawns which stay yellow to brown much longer than need be as they are underwatered.

    We still have the ability to water twice a week hear during the active growing season so I can not appreciate the trouble you are experiencing.

    Not sure of the turfs that are commonly grown in your area but of the ones that are typically grown here IMHO the best for drought conditions is Bahia....I did not say it is the best looking or it will be the most weed free but if drought resistance is the goal that would be my recommendation to you from what we commonly use down here. It should be noted that Bahia is not a shade loving turf so you will have to find alternatives under heavy shade and of course the home owner will have to expect that super dense turf cover is not going to happen but it does have the ability to look attractive from the roadside and moderately attractive right on top of it in good conditions.

    Just my two cents.
  7. ed2hess

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    Well we got our replacement sod yesterday and replaced the bad stuff. I used an edger to outline the areas to be removed. I guess we replaced about 15% in the end. The grass that took..looks pretty good. And the good news is tha it is raining today.





  8. Duekster

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    I thought Zoysia was a full sun turf? It should take but not last.
  9. ed2hess

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    Try palisades.....highly recommended by Ewing that have some test plots.
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    Ewing sells grass in Austin?


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