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    Have a yard that is half zoysia and half fescue. Want to kill everything and start all over. The zoysia is an older variety and it is just plain nasty. I have heard that it is pretty hard to get rid of. There used to be a trailer next to the house which has recently been removed so I will not have to worry about it creeping back in down the road. Any advise would be great.
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    Spray it with round up, then wait a couple weeks and spray it again. scalp the lawn as short as possible and if there is anything green spray it again.
    Wait about a week and run a renovator over the lawn and remove the dead grass or even better rent a sod cutter to remove the thick thatch layer that zoysa has. then slit-seed the lawn and apply a starter fertilizer and keep watered for a couple weeks.
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    I've had success by deep sod cutting but man the labor!

    Otherwise follow Indy's advice. Veticut/Roundup/Regrow/Repeat until nothing regrows.
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    On hard to kill grasses or weeds I have found increasing both Percentage of Glyphosate and volume of finish spray gets a better Kill out. In other words Double up on both. 4 oz of Roundup per gallon mix and soak the area good, don't just mist over the top of it. 2 to 3 gallons of finish spray per thousand Sq ft. I kill lawns out for Sod Companies and that is what works for me.
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    Exactly what they said!

    The main thing it to make sure the lawn is not under much stress (ie drought or just been mowed, etc). You should get it the first time.

    Like Indy said scalp it after about 3-5 days which will be enough time for the product to translocate. If any comes back repeat the process.

    I am like Rick as I would definitly go on the higher end rate, but increasing gallons isn't that big of a deal, but definitly won't hurt anything. It is more important just to have a good pattern and coverage.

    I only use 7-8/ac gallon with flat fan and get 99.9999% kill.

    If you are like me, will kill everthing except the missed spots (HAHA)! I call them "check stips" or "this is what it would have looked like if we didn't spray".

    Have Fun!

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