ZRator Aerator?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Loganab13, Sep 29, 2013.

  1. Loganab13

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    I have seen a few posts on here about the Zrator aerator. I came across the chance to purchase one, and after reading the other posts, I would like a bit more information about them, as well as some comments from those who have used them. Do they work as well as they claim?
  2. Blade Runners

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    Do a search there are threads about it and they weren't too positive.
  3. Loganab13

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    As I said, I have read the reviews already. I'm not interested in hearing how there is a gap between the tines, there is an easy solution for that: aerate twice in a perpendicular direction. How deeply does it pull plugs in irrigated soil? Is the weight of the Stander pushing down on the tines enough? Those are the kind of questions I'm getting at, and those werent answered on previous threads.
  4. dogtired

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    I have been using the zrators going into my third season. I have one mounted on a toro grandstand. Yes it does well as far as depth of the cores. I have had no issues myself. You are right it is easy to get around the gap. We X our properties and find it still takes less time than other types of aerators. I know some guys who run it on their wrights and they say they are very happy with theirs. Hope this helps!!
  5. Loganab13

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    Thank you, dogtired, that was the kind of information I was looking for. I will be the proud new owner of a zrator today, so I can't wait to put it to the test!
  6. zmowingmaster

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    I had mine for 2 years.It is the best thing that ever happened to aeration.not best for small lots ,and isn't worth it for small islands in middle of parking lots.
    I have mine attached to a 52" stander,I can hook it to the 48" but the 52" has wider tires.It is ZERO maintenance,no belts,oil,filters adjustments,nothing.
    two of my customers saw me use it and loved it.the gap in between the two front casters isn't a problem at all,just cross pattern.
    it is the manual model to raise up and down,But I removed the handle and installed a socket,now I raise and lower it with my cordless impact wrench,much faster,I always have a spare battery.
    the more you raise the front tires,the bigger the plugs.
    I got to a 1/2 acre property once and a guy was doing the next door neighbor.
    We cut the grass,aerated and overseeded,no sweat,finished and left while the other guy is still raising and lowering his walk behind model.
    Don't understand me wrong,walk behind model is still good( i got one)but the zrator out performs it.

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