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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by turfmasters.c., Jun 13, 2007.

  1. turfmasters.c.

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    Need advice


    Im cosidering buying a Zspray unit and untill Know weve been dragging hoses with the lesco space saver 200g tanks were not looking to completly get rid of the tanks b/c they have their place (shrubb treatments) I come from a farming background and have been in the lawn biz for 12 years and for 12 years ive been trying to get back to a system with a boom involved i just feel it is more effective and efficiant anyone with experiance with a z spray with advice pros or cons would be greatly appreciated
  2. gregory

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    i have been looking at the perme green and the z spray for my house i will go with the z spray myself i called both and asked them some questions and did some research on here and on google and found some info...one thing the guy at z spray asked me how many used perma green are for sale alot on there web site then he asked me how many used z spray have you seen for sale great question...do your self a favor do some research on here and you see ...
  3. turfmasters.c.

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    thanks for the advice gregory, ive been looking @ both of these for about a year and have tested both I feel the z is more bang for the buck they have made some changes since i drove the z about a year ago and i hear that it only made it better
  4. Rlclawnguy

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    I have about 55 hrs on my z-max and we love it!! The amount of work I get done while our PG's are broken in the shop is priceless. Overall it is a much more solid machine! Our next machine will be another Z!
  5. gregory

    gregory LawnSite Bronze Member
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    i was looking at and i am sure i will get a z jr
  6. sprayboy

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    Had a z jr for 4 years, upgraded to the new z-max this year with the 50 gal capacity. Have never run a permagreen but for my applications the z is great.
  7. americanlawn

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    Besides a new PG Magnum, we are open-minded regarding a Z-Spray JR. The JR's are fairly new....anybody have input regarding these?
  8. turfmasters.c.

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    hey sprayboy the z max w 50 gal do you ever have any problems with it being to bulky. our average property size is about 12kft and im now debating between the zmax or the intermediate. also have you ever had any problems with overspray on ornamentals
  9. Grandview

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    I bought my second Permagreen Magnums because I like the boomless system. I also redesigned the spray system so I can cover 10-11 feet with my Permagreens. Booms get in the way and slow you down. I rarely use a backpack sprayer now. However the Z can be setup with a boomless system also. I would agree the Z is more machine for the money. I like its dual tank sytem and bigger spreader. I have a question for Z-spray owners. I hear it has some trouble on hills and gets away from operators. Is this going up, down, or on slopes? It would be nice if the Z was four wheel drive.
  10. gregory

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    i know the jr is boomless...when i called them they told ne they redesigned the jr in 07 and lowered everything to cure the hill problem ..it would be nice to see a 4wd one.but thats something else that can break or wear out..

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