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  1. greenerpastures

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    Vast majority of my turf business is 1-2 acre estates , athletic fields, and commercial property. I have been using a JD gator with spreader and spray boom (separate applications of course) for large areas and hose rig / push spreader for tight areas. In an effort to reduce trips, I am trying to decide between permagreen or zspray. Perma green user- info is prevalent, but I would appreciate feedback from zspray owner if it was worth extra investment over perma green. I don't mind the extra investment if it really buys extra value.
  2. morturf

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    I have 3 zsprays. each are in different configurations. I am a huge fan of these machines. I would say that if you have much in the way of hills, i would shy away from the PG. I know I have many hills and I like mine very much. I would say that my business would reflect about what yours sounds like except that i have quite a few lawns that exceed 8 acres. I have 5 sports complexes. Having said this, I also have a toro workman that has a large area sprayer for the sports fields. I apply almost all my fertilizer with these units. If you have any specific questions....ask away!!
  3. ANDY-W

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    Go with the Z-Spray. It out prerforms the PG's on every front. PG's are just to high on maintenance. We used to own 3.
  4. turfsolutions

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    It was between a z spray and a permagreen for me 2 years ago. I researched them both and went with the z spray. Great machine, well worth the extra money. Let me know if you have any specific questions.
  5. greenerpastures

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    Thanks all for thefeedback. I spoke with Tom Rich ---- seems to represent his product well. I am thinking the advantages of the zspray might better fit my business. Any response to the following questions would be appreciated:
    1) Parts and support - even the best stuff breaks
    2) Reg z vs. Jr. z -- I consider the price difference fairly insignificant, but what about maneuverability. Again, I have a 20ft. boom rig on a gator with a spreader for larger projects and an ag spray coupe for 10+ acres. 1-2 acre estates is the majority of clients.
    3)Hose reel - Can it replace carrying a hose/tank rig along also? I would assume it mandates two separate solution tanks or a very low volume handgun in order to maintain accurate rates. Website indicates only the larger version has two solution tanks.
    4) Is it easy to maintain speed?
    5) New model has a hydraulic motor spinner -- I would think this superior to electric moter?
    thanks again
  6. morturf

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    from midwest
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    1. Yes he is pretty good about parts. I have one of the very 1st one of these he made. He is very responsive about getting parts out. But the dang things just don't seem to break much.

    2. I have a Jr. that is just a spreader. I have a full 3 tank dedicated spray unit. I have a SS full size that is just a spreader with haul trays. The Jr. with a 20 gal sprayer will not cover enough area for me. you have the right ideas for the use of your other units. It is just how i have operated for the last 2 years. I have dedicated fert crew and I do all the spraying.

    3. more than likely it is just for getting at areas you just can't drive into. I don't own a hose/tank.

    4. Speed consistency is not a problem

    5. Yes i will more than likely be up grading mine when the e-motor goes. Tom also told me he would like to upgrade the spray pump to hydraulic.

    Good luck with your Z-spray!!

  7. Buginout

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    I used to use club car golf carts with a lesco electric spreader mounted to the front and was never happy with it but it did the job. Till I met Tom Rich and I have loved the Z-spray Since Day 1!
    I have two now and plans to get two more in the next 6 months.
    Tom has been one of the best epuipment suppliers I have ever worked with. When I need a part it is here the next day so I am never broken down more than 1 day at a time. The machine is outstanding with very few breakdowns. The only problems I have are with carrosion on the wires and engine parts. I run my z-sprays 8 hrs a day, 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year and if a little bit of carrosion is my biggest problem I'm ok with that. Since I bought a z-spray my Techs don't even bother with dragging a hose off the trucks. My company does homeowner associations with 50 to 500 homes per contract and I could not think of a better way to do IPM than with the z-spray. I have the ss with the 220 spyker and 2 20 gal tanks and 60ft hose reel. Sorry if sounds like an advertisement but I think the machine is just that good.
  8. kickin sum grass

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    do you guys have any problems with them in wet areas leaving ruts or so forth. They look to have skinny tires from the pic. We are going to add a riding sprayer next years and it is between the z spray and perma green
  9. Buginout

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    If the ground is wet enough for a mower to make a rut than the z-spray will to as well as the pg's. But even with the record rain fall this year in Florida we had very little problems with that. I have 2 z-sprays ss (the big one) and will be buying 2 more by the first of the year.
  10. greenerpastures

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    Thanks for the input from all the z-owners who provided advice on the z-spray the past month.I took delivery of my z-spray this week just in time to finish my last few pre-winter applications. Having bought the the rig sight-unseen, it was a step of faith making the purchase. So my thanks again to all of you who helped make what now appears an excellent investment. I guess it is only fair that I share my experience thus far for those considering a new applicator. I knocked out a 1.5 acre estate (fert/chem) in less than half an hour with many obstacles (trees) to maneuver around. With hose/reel it probably would have taken an hour plus time for fertilizer. Not to mention the relief for my body. Once I get used to operation, I think I can cut app times even more. My first application came out within 2% of intended calibration. I see no problem as for as those who worry about low volume. You can always slow down or go to larger tips. I have been using air-induction tips for a fewyears and they are quite effective on reducing drift.

    Only problem I have had is one loose screw. The ride is a little rough due to the compact rigid frame, especially on those lawns that have been drought-stricken (common in this area). I was applying a granular fert brand that I normally don't use, that did have a "bridging" problem in the spyker applicator at the lower rate I was applying. For now I will blame that on the fert and humidity. But other than that, its quality of construction exceeded what I had expected. It is also nice to talk to the owner of the company each time I called. Tom Rich knows his product. The rig is bigger than what I had expected, but for my situation I believe it was a better choice than the jr. model.

    Only problems I forsee at this point is getting used to marking my application by tracks alone. I am accustomed to a foam marker on my gator boom rig or hose markings with a hose/reel. Also I hope I am able to completely do away with the hose/reel applicator on the truck, but I will keep it around just in case. --- kinda like going buck to horse and buggy after running the z-spray.

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