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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jason r., Jan 30, 2003.

  1. Doc Pete

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    I think there's a point of diminishing returns, which this machine has exceeded. IOW, while not increasing productivity by limiting it's "real world" usage, it also begins to take away "all" the chances for a worker to actually get some exercise. If a worker sits on his rider, stands on his sulky, knees on his Z1000 trimming, sits on his ***** in the truck and drinks coffee/ soda/smoke, where's exercise that's needed to keep the "human machine" going????
    I purposely manage my time between walking and riding my WB's, which yielded my Doctor voicing at my last checkup (he's 38, I'm 53) "I wish I was in the shape you are"...............
  2. gogetter

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    Is there a smilie with a hand waiving right over top of a head? Oh well, I'll just use this one: :dizzy:
  3. grassworks

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    This is the model in "lazer" red for the discriminating LCO.

  4. cutntrim

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    I can't even stand sitting in a theatre for 3hrs to see a movie. I can not imagine the uncomfortableness of being harnessed in that funky ride all day. I'm sure the gut pad would be real comfy after several hours riding on a bumpy lawn in 100+ degree weather.

    I trim forwards, backwards, left-side, right-side, hands-up, trigger hand up high, and trigger hand down low. Just depends on what I'm trimming at the time. Seems that the trimming angles are pretty limited hooked up like robolawn on that thing. I'd love to go head-to-head with some dude using that when he's making 98-point turns to trim around multiple objects and getting stuck in ditches, rolling down inclines, flipping it over and suffering multiple fractures,etc... I could casually WALK over to his inverted machine that he's trapped under in a drainage swale and ask him if he felt it was worth the investment.

    But then maybe the next design improvement will allow the robolawn rider to right itself like a weeble-wobble if a guy takes a header down a +27degree slope.
  5. yardman1

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    I just thought I would bring this thread up again and say it again"what a BBBBBBBIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGG waste of money":drinkup:
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    So now that's 4 posts from you that contribute ZERO to the topic.
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    That is true, yes I have made 4 posts and did not contribute anything but that is my opinion just like you gogetter you have voiced your opinion with 7 posts that really only two said anything about the product and the rest was your opinion about what other people have posted. So I will say it again, what a waste of $$$$$$.:D

    P.S. that is 5 for me .

    I got some but since were are keeping tabs I now have 6, none are good for the product, but I don't think it's for the lawn care industry.
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    Gogetter needs to go get a job and not worry about what people post. opinions are what is wanted.
  10. He did post his opinion nothing wrong with that dude.

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