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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jason r., Jan 30, 2003.

  1. yardman1

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    amen to that husker, he must have one on order the way he is defending it.
  2. Husker1982

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    That is my point that people want the opinions of people.
  3. gogetter

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    Not meaning to drag Bluesteels name into this mud, but at least he made an intelligent post that shared his reasons behind his opinion.
    But to just say "what a waste", well.........what a waste. And to do that 4 times.......... :rolleyes:

    Husker, I have no problem with someone posting thier opinion. I welcome it. It would just be nice if they took the time to give a reason behind it.
    Ya see, I get an e-mail telling me someone has posted to this thread. So I take the time to come to the thread to see if someone has "contributed" anything worthwhile to it, only to have wasted my time and see that they haven't.
    You could see how that can get under somebodies skin after a while.

    yardman, I do small residential lawns, under 1/2 acre. I have NO use for a machine like that. Just hate to see people knock a new idea before it's given a chance.
    I will say that it will be interesting to hear from someone that actually does use one as to whether they love it or hate it. Time will tell I guess. Later.
  4. Husker1982

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    Jon you make a good point so quit making me come back to see you gripe about someone.
  5. 1MajorTom

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    I believe gogetter has been interested in the ztf since it was unveiled at the expo. Nothing wrong with that. And quite frankly, I agree with what he is saying. There could be a niche for it in large scale commercial properties, and no I don't think anyone who chose to use one should be labeled as lazy.
    As with any piece of equipment, it should be demoed first to see if it really would be productive and cost effective.

    Now what I find really interesting, is how opinions here are given on this thread by some people who have never tested the product themselves, but on other topic threads, they are the first to chime in and tell people their opinion doesn't count because they haven't used the product. :confused:

    So which is it? Educated thought out opinions allowed even if there is no "hands-on" experience, or no opinions at all allowed if product has never been tried and tested?
    LGF: what's your take on this?

    P.S. Gogetter: I'm at it again. Wasting your time that is. ;)
  6. Lawn DOG

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    right out of the "MONSTER GARAGE ":dizzy:
  7. Aw come on anyone with a brain can see what this contraption will not do, as you can see from the pictures, and anyone who does real mowing.

    $5000 to not walk to trim, then have to get off the "thing" to trim what it can't reach.

    BIG WASTE OF MONEY, and yes I did see it at the EXPO which you did not attend.

    Where are you going to save time doing anything? Ummm carry blower on back, trimmer in hand and you just saved $5000.

    Hell this thing has a buzzer to tell you if you hit a 20 degree slope.

    Let's refresh some memory cells here, you get locked into this thing, lets make someone a dead millionaire.

    Next time you want to "chime" in and try to match whits make sure you have a clue, otherwise go back to keeping the books for your hubby.

    Again this thing is not for the lawn care industry, but hey you want to go out and spend 5g's to have this extra thing ride around on your trailer go for it.
  8. I'm downcast (into the mud) that nobody was impressed with my idea of mouning a swiveling weed-whacker on top of joy-stick controller for a machine like this (with all-wheel drive and steering of course). And forget about an onboard 1,500 cfm blower, make it 15,000 cfm blower for vectored thrust assist (kinda like the F-22 Raptor). Limited reach isn't this machine's fault. What about another PTO for a flexible rotary shaft drive to power a 12' extension trimmer, with 36" line? That would make it a 72" MPZTR (Multi-Prupose ZTR) that fits through a 32" gate. IMAGINE the possibilities (legal liabilities aside). LOL! Why that could save (or cost) millions of dollars and hundreds of lives! Should I start a new thread?
  9. Doc Pete

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    Good thought and makes sense to me. Now, if you can just apply that same logic to the FD. Those of us that have been mowing cemetaries for "20 years", and lawns for longer, have some natural common sense logic and don't need to own an FD to realize it's too expensive and extremmely limited in it's possible uses.........
    Have a nice day........
  10. HOMER

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    How lazy can you get?

    Mowing has nothing to do with this thing. Mowing, of all things in this business, needs to be the most efficient process and usually is because we spend the dollars to get it there. Trimming is where I personally get my winter belly off and keep it off until the next one rolls around. If you (Gogetter) buy one of these lame contraptions please let me know how it has made your operation more efficient.

    For starters. I need to trim or edge. I walk to the trailer, grab a trimmer, fire it up and go to trimming. I'm all over the yard like a Hummingbird...............mimic that with 4 wheels under you.

    Me with the Walmart cart: Need to trim..........go to trailer, drop the gate, move a mower or 3, check tha gas, oil, air pressure, get ZTL, L stands for LAZY.........climb into it all the while my knees are popping:cry: take it down the ramp.........get off........get trimmer......crank trimmer...........climb back on the ZTL and head to the yard, head to the first tree and make tracks around it, ride over to the second one, third, fourth, fifth.....................17th........now I need to get to the house.....woops there's a weed growing out of the concrete on the back porch................ride to the trailer and get accesories (ramps) to climb the porch to get the one weed that by golly had to grow up there.

    I'm all about efficiency, it just ain't here with this thing. Like I said, maybe the Postal service could have a race using one against the Segway, then we'd see some efficiency..........it just ain't for the lawn care industry in my VERY PERSONAL OPINION .

    When a lazer weedeater comes out then I'll be the first one to get it. Point and shoot...........I'm there.............but I'll still walk they yard to get it done.

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