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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jason r., Jan 30, 2003.

  1. yardman1

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    Just curious if anyone has bought one of these fine highly productive machines yet??????

    What a waste.:laugh:
  2. yardman1

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    Hey LGF have you bought one of these things yet, I think you need one.:D :D :D
  3. juststartin

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    Looks like another one of BushhogBoy's inventions:rolleyes:
  4. Yeah I will let you know how much time and effort it saved me at the end of the year.......

    I mean how much of a waste of time and all the extra effort it was.

    from AL
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    Obviously the productiveness of this machine depends on the type of accounts you service. As most member here seem to service smaller res. & com. this product would be useless for their application. Some larger outfits servicing city, or industrial would likely find this product a real time saver.

    I believe the FD falls into the same category. Basically a niche item.
  6. TLS

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    I stayed away from this thread last month, but feel now that I must add my $0.02.

    First of all Gogetter, LGF, Bluesteel, many, many others, and myself will probably NEVER have any use for this machine. Even if we had ONE large property which COULD benefit from its use, it would NEVER end up on ANY of our trailers.....PERIOD.

    This IS a useful machine. I have seen, and can think of LOTS of places that something like this can become useful. It doesn't say how fast it is, but I would hope it to be at least a 12 mph machine if not faster.

    I agree that it should have a built in belly blower with left, front, and right outputs.

    Its definitely NOT for everyone, and thats where I agree somewhat with Bluesteel in that the inventor will probably never recoup his investment. But for those that can use it to its potential it is a nice machine.
  7. mag360

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  8. nclawnman

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    if yoiu could blow behind lyoiu as yoi cut then it would be perfect. It could also be used for spreading materials . just make an attachment for a spreader on the front like the grashoppers!!
  9. bubenberg

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    not one of you has one, if i am not mistaking?!?!?!?! ... but as usual lots of criticism .... right?

    we have one and do catch basins, large and small properties and cut out one 48 hour paycheck a week ... has the potential for many application ... like our modification to push a 11 hp blower with it all day spring cleaning. uses little gas because you go maybe five miles an hour, at about half trottle.

    and yes it does curbs, roots, ruts

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