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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jason r., Jan 30, 2003.

  1. gogetter

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    yardman1.......you were saying??? LOL!

    Thanks for enlighting some of these dingleberries with your ACTUAL experience.
    Glad it's working out for you. Looks like yours will pay for itself in less then a year. Way to be efficient, oops, I mean "lazy" according to some of the guys on here!
  2. Fantasy Lawns

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    I don't know ??

    Some of my sites the side walk can be from 1 to 1.5 miles ..... this takes 4 passes to edge .....(out side curb .... both sidewalk edges & the bed edge) not to mention a weed eater going up n than back down n than blowing .... also a hedge to go with it .... and on some it's the same on the other side of the road .... thats like 12 miles!!

    Granted this look .... well lets say "bulky" .... but the thought process is in the direction of ....."cutting labor cost" ....WOW what a concept

    Not to say if just blowing an area with a ZTR front mount blower saves you time because it does

    Say a 2 Hour on 1 Job which is performed 42 times a year or 84 "man hours" yearly is cut in Half to only 42 Hours..... And than lets just say that any man hour is worth $13 @ hour ( Think this is only hourly Cost .... Not what that lost or gained Hour may mean towards "Profit" Hours ...... And this is not a foreman) .... We'll thats almost $500 per year ==> on just 1 large job

    I'm not saying this is the gizmo to get .... but the thought process is correct BUT you have to have the job (s) to support such an expense

    I've seriously thought of get one of those stand up motorized skateboard things n getting a blower on it !!
  3. A picture is worth a 1000 words, lets see some.

    The ones "they" have did lots of harm.

    Lets see this thing in use.
  4. If I am not “mistaking,” I am gonna die laughing if you guys don’t STOP!!! Please, enough, no more, PLEASE!
  5. yardman1

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    Hey Gogetter, why don't you go get you one and see how productive that BIG waste of money it really is. Oh yea I got your dingleberrie there buddy.:drinkup:
  6. Green Pastures

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    Looks like a big fat pain in the butt to me.
  7. michigangrass

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    Some time back, I think it was Damon Wayans who played a retarted super hero named "Handi-Man"...this was his version of the Batmobile.

    The photos do give me a good laugh!
  8. LawnSmith

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    whoa man, take it easy. i dont understand why you are always so quick to be mean.

    do you actually think you are some sort of "godfather" and/or above everyone else, or everyone looks up to you?

    just wondering....
  9. That's between me and Jodi.
  10. This guy must of loved his.

    Put a whole 2 hours on it......

    Get it at half price.

    One 4 Sale

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