ZTR aeration: added stress on hydros ?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jeffyr, Sep 16, 2001.

  1. jeffyr

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    After aerating a bit mith my new front mount Mill Creek aerator I noticed more stress on the rider, and in particular the hydro motor noise. Nothing out of the ordinary, same old noises but louder when under the stress of starting from a stop and trying to turn.

    Does anybody have any opinions on the accelerated wear on mowers when used for aeration?
    Are the hydros and rest of the mower made to take that much abuse ? There are so many accessories made for the ZTR (many by the manufacturers) but I have never heard of anyone saying not to use any of them because of rapid wear.

    Will a front mounted accessory (pushing) require more effort than a rear mounted (pulling) to move (drag) it ?
    Has anyone had premature failure of any parts attributed to using your mower for anything else ?
    What else do you use your mower for ?

    Thanks for the info

  2. I use my ZTR for every thing I can:

    Leaf reoval
    Moving mulch
    Picking up thatch after power raking
    Pulling the power rake
    Heck even mowing

    With over 4,000 hrs and still going strong. I have no answer for you but, all depends on the hydro system. And the proof is in the pudding. Just look at what I use it for.

    What mower are you using and what aerater are you using?

  3. jeffyr

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    Thanks LGF,

    I have a Walker 20 horse and was using the Mill Creek 36 inch aerator.

    I have a thatcher bar for the front also--works great.

    I didn't think about it before, but while aerating I noticed the difference in handling (heavier, more drag) and it got me to thinking.

  4. Your aerater does it mount in the front or is it a tow. If tow how does it mount

  5. John DiMartino

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    When i pulled a big seed spreader with my Dixie,it made the same noises,the hydro's sounded strained,and I knew it wasnt good for it,although it did the job.This spreader didnt pul bhard behind a golf cart,so I wouldnt even think about pulling a 60"aerator behind it.I think the high pressures the pumps need to run will kill them prematurely.The only thing LFG does that drug on it hard ithe aerator and power rake.I use mine to dethatch,fertilze,leaf removal,spraying,and even pullin the big spreader,these things I feel it is designed for,and shouldnt hurt it.
  6. jeffyr

    jeffyr LawnSite Senior Member
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    It's a front mount.
    But a tow behind would mount to the hitch plate with a pin the same as any other.
  7. I was thinking of a way to front mount one on my ZTR but I think I might rear mount it with some sort of lift. Not a tow behind. like a 3pt design.

  8. jeffyr

    jeffyr LawnSite Senior Member
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    Just thought I would bring this back up since other people have also been bringing this up in other threads.

    Any more opinions ?
  9. cantoo

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    I put a 40" Brinly aerator on the front af an old Yazoo last year to try out. It worked good because I could lift it to turn, less stress on the machine. It was also fairly wet when I used it so that is easier too, not as much weight needed. I really think it is best on the machine to lift it when turning. I'm mounting it on the front of a Bunton with hydraulic lift this winter. I am changing this Bunton with reels into a utility traction unit. It will be capble of running multiple attachments and will be quick change. Aerator, sprayer, fertilizer, over seeder, roller, utility box and ball diamond dresser. I can't wait for bad weather to spark up the welder.
  10. captdevo

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    the noise you are hearing is the torque on the ground drive assemblies.

    in fact i preferred using my 16hp walker with the non-quick hitch millcreek aerator sometimes with over 200lbs. on the aerator and 80lbs. in the mower bed.

    i've been using attachments on Walkers for years and never had any problems from added weight or strain.

    the aerators take a little getting used to, i try to use them when the ground is soft, requiring less weight.

    perform good maintenance procedures and it should last you a long time. ( keep hydro and engine cooling fins clean, change fluids when instructed)

    Good luck!!!


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