ZTR Briggs oil filter or Wix 51348 (longer

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tacoma200, Jun 21, 2008.

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    I double posted on Mechanic and Repair forum but I went to get a wix filter of my 31 hp Briggs (still under warranty) and they suggested I use the longer version of the Wix (51348) which is half the price of the shorter one that replaces the Briggs. Just double checking with some of you that are more knowledgeable if using the longer Wix is OK and are there any negative reasons not to use it.
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    Wix is an excellent filter.
    I have used wix, a/c delco, fram, STP, and Purolator filters on my 31hp briggs. Purolators are built well and at about 3.50 a pop very affordable. However, both mine bit the dust at low hrs and have replaced them. One had a bearing go out. The other was just drinking oil like it was water. Those same filters for the briggs also fits my (2) 23hp kohler tracers (1) 27hp kohler lazer and (1) 15hp kohler tracer, I use them on those engines as welll. I refuse to pay the ridiculous price of an OEM filter, however, I have been using OEM for my 27 diahautsu because I have yet to cross it over with an aftermarket.
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    I have been running the Wix 51348 on all my Kohlers and my big block Briggs engines, with no trouble.

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