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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by hawkeye, Jan 6, 2008.

  1. hawkeye

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    I am looking to buy my first "entry level" zturn and I noticed mowers like exmark, scag, grasshopper and bobcat have 4 chains holding up the deck. Is this good? A cub enforcer or tank series doesn't seem to have these chains so is their deck better? I know it looks better but does it cut better? I am confused so input would be appreciated! Feel free to offer suggestions toward a specific mower brand- thanks
  2. tm292001

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    Chains equal no bushings or bearings to repair or replace. So I would say chains are very simple and a good design.
  3. hawkeye

    hawkeye LawnSite Member
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    any suggestions on what brand I should look into using this type of deck?
  4. TurfControl

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    Just get whatever mower that fits into your budget. A mower is only as good as its operater. If you run into things and run over things, don't change oil, never grease it up and never sharpen the blades. Then your mower is gonna suck. All those mowers you listed are good mowers and will do good for you as long as you take care of it.

    Prices are usually a reflection of the mowers features. Some have all the bells and whistles. Some are very basic. To me it has always been more features more problems. I like to keep it simple. Bottom line, take care of your mower.
  5. humble1

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    decks hang so if you hit a stump they move doing less damage. Ask guys in your area, i have big lawns so i run 61" bobcat ztr my dealer is the best, i am never down for more than an hour, and if i am down longer i take a demo unit for the day.

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