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Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by SPO Tim, Apr 20, 2005.

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    Guys and gals,
    As you read the thread, last fall my father was looking for a ZTR for personal use....... couldnt use his feet very well due to his diabetes. After getting many much appreciated suggestions from this forum, he decided to get a Hustler Super Z 25/60. Unfortunately at Christmastime he was bit on his wrist by a family member's cat and his hand became VERY infected (thanx to his circulation problems) and almost had to go thru an amputation. Thankfully he didn't but he is still going thru physical therapy and cannot grip anything with it. Therefore he has decided to sell it and recruit his family to help him mow with his old Wheelhorse. So..... I have a brand new Super Z sitting in my garage with 4 hours of practice time on it on the hour meter. It has never even mowed a full lawn..... chopped up some leaves in October, stored on jackstands thru the winter, and got it out last Saturday to see if he could control it....... and thats it. No BS here..... you can see the mower, meet my dad, and check out his hand. I love the mower but I have a white collar job and do not have the time to earn $$ by mowing with it. Anybody interested in making me a fair offer? Im also up for suggestions on what it is worth and any websites where I may be able to post it. Pass the word please. Thanks again. Tim TA369@aol.com

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