ztr exmark lazer or 757 deere

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by boss78, Apr 3, 2003.

  1. boss78

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    going to buy a mower tommorow,trying to choose between exmark lazer z 60 or 757 john deere.dealer sells both mowers and say deere is a better mower,but both are great mower.i demoed both and both seem great.any suggestion on which to choose.thanks.
  2. mike9497

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    if you want nice lines and you want to pay less for a longer lasting mower that holds its resale value get the EXMARK.the JD 757 is made by Keyes.its the same as the exmark.the only diff is its more money and your paying for the JOHNDEERE name.i worked for deere for a bit.i thought they made a nice ZTR until i demode one.ruff ride its striping sucked.plus it rolled over on a small hill.my exmark Z does laps on that same hill with no problems.the only thing that got hurt was the control handles and me.couldn't work for 3 weeks.i feel if they made the rear wider with taller tires and made the deck deeper it would be a real nice unit for the crazy price.

    exmark Z with 27 HP kawi 8200
    JD 757 9400
  3. columbiaplower

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    The exmark. There customer service cant be beat and there quality of equipment in untouchable
  4. ELC/IA

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    i think deere is making the new series of mower themselves now.
  5. John Gamba

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    lazer resized.jpg
  6. mike9497

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    Deere doesn't make any of there commercial mowers skid steers 790 and 990 tractors some 410 tractor models trimmers and leaf blowers are echo.i know this because i worked for them and i use to go to one of there factories every few months.john deere is just a well known name
  7. TLS

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    I believe that this was proven to be wrong. Somewhere in the Carolina's they have a big factory. Thats where the new Deere's and Dane's are made.

    But whats so wrong with outsourcing?
  8. mklawnman

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    Deere builds their own Z's now, the M653 and the other M-Series ZTR mowers were built buy Kee's before deere bought Dane, now Deere makes the 737, 757, 797 and the mini which is still a Dane unit but a good one.
    Deere now makes their own Skid Steers as well ever since they came out with the new design one in '99. They dont buy them from New Holland anymore.
    Id say for mowers demo both machines out, and see which one you like more, if you like Liquid Cooled models then go with Exmark cause I dont think Deere makes a LC model yet. They just have Kawi engines in them. Deere also has the 7-Iron deck which has mixed reviews but most are on the good side. I'd say whatever will suit you the best go with it, along with the money side as well.
  9. FrankenScagMachines

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    eXmark or Scag. Deere "is not" in the picture yet PERIOD. I don't care what anyone says, they're just not up to snuff and never will be if they keep at it this way.
  10. SLS

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