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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by 8.5Acres, Apr 21, 2002.

  1. 8.5Acres

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    Ok, a rookie here, so please give me some patients.

    I just bought a house with 8.5 acres and would like to mow it to keep it nice. The previous owner just used a bush hog for about 6 acres and a riding mower for the rest.

    Here's the real question, what is the best machine to buy to get the best cut? Let's try to keep the suggested retail price under $10k.

  2. Mowingman

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    Check out the Dixie Chopper mowers. They have ZTR's with a 60" deck that are avail. with several engine options. All will sell for less than 9000.00 unless you want a diesel engine. They are very fast, great cut, and smooth to operate. Besides, they are built just a short distance from Indianapollis, so dealer support should be very good.:)
  3. marvinlee

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    I have a Kubota ZD-21. It has a built-in crank to lift the front deck for cleaning and blade changing. The only hydraulic hose is one that goes to the deck lift cylinder. The seat is ultra comfortable with interior springs in the seat cushion plus a link-type suspension under the seat. It has a wider-than-some track that makes it more stable on slopes. The front axle pivots to give a smoother ride. The deck belt is a double V construction that makes engineering sense. Mine cost $8700 on a dark, rainy Oregon day last winter. It has a 60 inch deck and a claimed 21 HP Kubota diesel engine with 778 cubic centimeters displacement.
  4. LP

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    Toro makes a mid z with a 72 in. cut, it capable of cutting 6 acres per hour with a beautiful cut and less than 9k, its an awesome unit!
  5. Shumdit

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    I also went with the Kubota ZD-21 60 after a lot of investigation. I only have about 2.5 acres but compared to Craftsman 25HP/48 deck I was using which took almost 2 to sometimes over 3 hours!! (if the grass went a full week it would clog the deck after about 2 passes) I went to about 40-45 minutes with the Kubota. Another reason to go with the Kubota might be fuel economy. Cutting 8.5 acres will use a lot of fuel, but diesels are known for fuel economy as well as power and longevity. I would go through 3.5 gallons in about 2-2.5 hours on the Craftsman, but I have only used about 5 gallons in 6 hours with the Kubota. To me, a diesel for the same price as a gas motor ZTR is a no brainer. I do like Exmark products also, but their diesel is about 2500-3000 more than the Kubota, and my local Exmark dealers admitted they can not work on the engine if it needs more than general service. My local Kubota dealer seems to be just as customer oriented as the Exmark dealer is, and he can handle all service issues in house. One more thing, I got 4.49% financing for 48 months with Kubota Credit. Good luck with your decision. This forum offered me a lot of research and good advice when I was shopping :cool:
  6. johnhenry

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    since you are so close to dixie I would go with them great cutting quality and so close to you
  7. bharrison

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    I too have a ZD21 and can't say enough about it. You can't go wrong with Kubota. I cut 2 acres, and a tank of diesel will last over a month. 60" deck-Full suspension seat, hydro-lift, wet disc pto clutch-shaft drive deck-3cyl diesel-the list goes on. Well worth $9000.00
  8. John DiMartino

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    for the price,Id get a 72",either Exmark,Toro,or Dixie,The spuer Z 72" may be in your budget,if it is,thats the nicest one out of them all.
  9. captdevo

    captdevo LawnSite Senior Member
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    walker, dixie or hustler

    i wouldn't fool with the kubota, their stamped decks and the drive leave much to be desired. but they do make a great engine!
  10. Shumdit

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    CaptDevo, I must defend the honor of my mower. I believe I have seen you post these comments about the ZD21 on more than one occasion (correct me if I am wrong about that), but Kubota's stamped decks have been used commercially for many years longer than exmark's welded units with great results from the actual owners I have spoken with. You also seem to have something against the Hydro system because of it's design, but have you seen an actual problem with them? It seems to be a much better design (superior filtration, seperate fluid units, no hoses hoses to crack or leak, etc.) and I have yet to see anyone with a problem. If you think the design, by being different and possibly more complex is inferior, then I guess we should all be using $129 push mowers from Wal-Mart to keep the design simple, and the price low enough that when they break, we can just throw them away. I have read that Kubota was late to the game because they spent so much time designing and testing the ZD before it was released. I can not say I have had any problems with mine, but it is not yet 3 months old. I think that Exmark, along with many others have a fine product, but the features vs. price of the Kubota is hard to beat. The Walker is not really in the same class, as it is much slower and has a smaller deck than most ZTR's. A dealer who sells Walker also told me the deck drive system and the impeller were weak points on the Walker and they had been making improvements to try and correct the problems. The Hustler I know very little about, so I really can not comment on them, except to say thier owners seen to like them. The Dixie (also loved by the majority of their owners) looks like something I might be able to make in the garage. I am, sure it is a good product, but this has to be the most cobbled together looking mower out there. These are my opinions which I have explained my reasons for having and I think posting an opinion as vague as yours should not be done unless you elaborate in more detail the basis of your opinion. Just my $.02, as worthless as it is...;)

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