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Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by tomcourt, Oct 8, 2006.

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    alright guys got a 2006 Dixie Chopper 34" ZTR for sale.Still under the FACTORY WARRANTY FULL COVERAGE!!! If I am not mistaken I believe it can do 3 acres an hour...can't remember.
    Just bought it couple of months ago but business grew a lot more than I anticipated and went more towards commercial so I am gonna get a BIG mower.
    At time of purchase the mower will have its 1st oil change (which is recommended at 30hrs)
    This bad boy cuts sooooo fast and the best part is that it has a compact style so 3' gates are no problem....I never had a gate I couldn't get through...never.
    I bought it brand new out the door for $5400 (not even 3 months ago!!!)I also just(last monday) bought a OCDC kit (keeps discharge from flying everywhere) for $215. I am gonna take it back or put it for sale...might even let it go with mower.
    Any questions please call me 904-234-6830
    I am asking $4900obo 29.9hours
    Thanks guys and enjoy.





  2. tomcourt

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    alright guys its now $4500 obo

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