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ZTR from Alamia.com. Some assembly required !!


LawnSite Member
Bigbob mentioned on an earlier post I made about assemblying equipment ordered from alamia. I called them and they said the Toro z master would need to have the wheels attached, steering mechanism attached and final set up. The savings by ordering from alamia vs. my local dealer would be around $900 due mainly to no tax.(shippin is free). What do you guys think ? Is dealer set up and support worth $900. I initially thought it was well worth it to order from alamia until bigbob mentioned set up. Your responses are appreciated as always.<br>


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South East
Unless you are a mechanic. I think i would stick to a dealor too. i was interested in that site also until I read this

GrassRoots Lawn Care

Two hours max for setup, that's $450 an hour. I'll take that anyday. Having a local dealer for service after the sale is another thing. <p>----------<br>Mike Reynolds,<br>GrassRoots Lawn Care, Florida


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Central Florida
Setup would be no problem, but I would still buy locally. Are you paying with a credit card or cash? Financing it would be difficult I would think. If financing like with Sheffield or something, your state would end up with a record of the purchase and you would have to pay sales tax anyway.