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ztr front or midmount


LawnSite Member
i plan to buy a ztr after the first of the year, and it will be used to mow 3-4 acres for my personel use. what is the advantages of one type of mower over the other. they tell me that the front mower is easier to clean and service, but the midmount will mow faster. i have receive some valuable information on this site and any information would be appreciated.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Mid-mounts have a faster top speed for most mowers. I do not know if the mid-mount mower will actually "mow" faster. It all depends on the conditions you're cutting.

I do not know many LCOs that mow at full speed with either type of ZTRs when they are mowing lush, thick, irrigated residential laws in May. Sure, they may run all out on "some" parts of a commercial property.

Another question to ask your self is "What else do I plan to use this equipment for?" Most front-mounts can power several different implements. Several companys are also making some mid-mounts implements - just not as wide of selection.

You must also consider the space in which you plan to store the ZTR. Both types are the same width. The mid-mount is shorter in length. Some front mounts can be stored with the deck in the upright position but are still a little longer than the mid-mounts.


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Ontario, Canada
When it's your own property you can plant or decide on your obstacles. This will determine the type of mower that will cut your lawn in the fastest time. If you have a bunch of trees and there is only 60" between them then a 72" midmount or front mount isn't going to be very good for you. If however you plan and plant things right you can buy the wider mower and "buy" yourself some time savings. I have several types of mowers but we normally use our 60" midmount to do our own lawn because everything is planted to work out. We only use the Walker on the front lawn once in awhile. We cut around 4 acres at home.

Randy J

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Richmond, KY
The main advantage to a front mount mower - in addition to the attachments as mentioned by david, is the ability to trim under obstacles such as bushes. That may help cut down your time with a trimmer.


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Front mounts are LONG, and that ass end swings wide. I've had both and will never go back to a front mount.


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Midwest, USA
Mid-mounts are generally better on hill sides due to the distribution of weight. Out fronts can be better for triming under items like bushes as Randy J mentioned. Outfrounts such as the Walker or Exmark Navigator are also very nice for bagging. If you have hills, stick with a midmount. If not and you want to bag all the time consider the outfrount.


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Just a note on the mentioning of using ZTR's to cut hills....

I would suggest that if your property has a steep dropoff possibly going down to a pond, lake or otherwise then I would suggest a midmount. Like Mowtech said, ZTR's are a difficult breed when on or near declines.

I've heard this about Walkers, and we run Exmarks and we have the same issues. Nothing like losing control and bombing it down a hill...scary stuff. Done it several times, nothing you can do but try and steer away from impending death. Or do what one of our guys did, just pull the e-brake and slide till you stop.

I'm not trying to be a worry wart, and maybe you have no hills... Just want to warn ya.

Enjoy whatever machine you get!


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Unless you plan on using the mower for purposes other than mowing (snowblowing, etc.) I'd stick with the mid-mount. The front mounts usually offer the capability to run some implements. They may be easier to maintain the deck, but I'd much rather go for the compact manueverability and speed. Besides, maintenance on the deck isn't hard on a midmount anyhow. All you have to do is drive it up the trailer gate with half the deck hanging off to the side and you have all the access you need.


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The guy plans on using the ZTR for his own personal use. He might not have a trailer to "ramp" a mid-mount up on. If he chooses a mid-mount, he will have to jack it up to clean or he can buy a Jungle Jim "Jungle Jack". If he chooses a front-mount, he can access the deck without additional lifts or jacks.

"Speed/Faster"???????? I always hear that argument for mid-mounts. I just do not see how that can be in this particular case.

I really do not believe it is a factor on a residential yard. Just for kicks let's look at this example. Let's say he is down to two picks from Exmark. A 60" mid-mount Lazer Z Advantage and a 60" front-mount FrountRunner. They both have the same 60 inch UltraCut deck. Since it is for his personal use, he is going to go for a well manacured look......Not Speed.

Enlighten me if I am wrong based on what we know in this case (personal mower on a residential lawn).