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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LawnSculptor, Apr 8, 2005.

  1. LawnSculptor

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    As indicated in a previous post, I just bought my first ZTR, an Exmark Lazer Z XS, 72". For the sake of convenience, fun and productivity, I'm trying to set the mower up with some gadgets that will help me while mowing. Can you please take a look at the list of gadgets below and let me know what other accessories you would recommend.

    - 60" EZ Reacher for picking up rocks, sticks and trash. - Trying to find a decent quick mount that attaches to the ROPS roll bar. Bought it from Gemplers.

    - 2 Solo handheld pesticide sprayers for spot spraying - again, I'm trying to find a quick mount (probably velcro) to attach to the roll bar. Would like to find a brass wand system with about 8 foot of coiled tubing to connect to 2 small tanks.

    - Cloth trash collector

    - Stereo Headset with hearing protection - I screwed up my hearing while in the military, so ear protection is a must, but I want to be able to use an mp3 player while mowing. Any recommendation on stereo headphones with a good noise reduction rating.

    - Light Kit - Can get a 35 Halegon NAPA kit for about $30 bucks. Don't plan on too much night work, but I've had to do it before.

    - Front Mount Electric Fertilizer Spreader - I've priced out spreaders from Spyker and JrCo but found them beyond my price point. Will likely go with an Earthway ($300) unless others have recommendations against it.

    - 60" Dethatcher from JrCo. It's about $600 bucks, but it's the only 60" I've found and people have spoken highly of this unit.

    - Striper Kit - Bought it with the Exmark

    - Hitch Kit - Bought it with the Exmark

    - Mulching - I'm not sure what to do here and need advice. I've heard that a dual blade set-up is good. Mulching kit from Exmark is $179. What about gator blades?

    - Looking into a 25 gallon pull behind Sprayer by Fimco. Available at Gemplers for around $300. Doubt I'll get one.

    - Lawn Vac - Someday I'd like to go with a pull behind unit from Trim-Vac. Exmark has a nice QTR lawn vac, but I can't justify the $2K price at this time for my needs.

    - Trimmer mount - Is there a good mount made that will allow me to attach my trimmer to the roll bar? It would sure be nice to have the trimmer available anytime.

    - Plan to mount a Mag-light on the roll bar.

    - Fire Extinguisher - already had one car fire and learned the value of having one on hand.

    - On the lighter side, I'd like a GPS system tied to a robotic controlled guidance system. I could then install a recliner, 42" plasma with surround sound, a cooler, peanut dispenser and a integrated urinal. Now that would be some fun mowing.

    Any other gadgets or idea's are appreciated.
  2. specialtylc

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    Just how much crap can you mount to a rollbar? :laugh: If you do any large area fertilizing you will be glad you spent the money on a good electric spreader.As for the 60inch grabber I think its faster to just get off the machine and pickup whatever by hand.
  3. Richard Martin

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    If you need gadgets take a look at the Gravely Eye-Q system. It's over 500 bucks and just as useless as teets on a bull for me. It can be quite valuable to bigger operations.
  4. Appalachian landscape

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    I use headphones called "the Plug" made by koss, bought them at best buy for $20 or $25 and wear my husqvarna hearing protectors over them. The plug blocks some noise as it is the same material as the little yellow ear plugs, but they have a hole in them for the sound to go through. With the hearing protectors over them, all I hear is music. Very good quality sound.

  5. John Gamba

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    Lets get off the roll bar, when you hit something with it you will remove it and you will have no place to put anything ;)

    You might want to look into Meg-mo Blades. You will have enough power for sure. and go with the OCDC it helps alot when you are not bagging.

  6. a a green

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    Have to ask. Are you going to have a PS2 hooked up to the plasma screen?....lol
  7. Mo Green

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    Sounds like Inspector Gadget's lawnmower. One question.....where are you going to sit? :laugh:
  8. LawnSculptor

    LawnSculptor LawnSite Member
    from Midwest
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    The Gravely Eye-Q system looks cool. I can see how it would be useful to large operations. If I bought it, I'd likely get a big kick out of it for the first month or two, then forget about it.

    Regarding the EZ Reacher, this is one of the tools at the top of my list. I'm so dang sick and tired of stopping the mower to pick up sticks, rocks and trash. I think it'll be really useful.

    Any advice on mounts for the roll bar? And yes, I know this is overkill, but I'm a gadget guy.

    By the way, if I was to install a plasma, I'd have both a PS2 and an X-Box. I might even think of an optional rotating dancer platform out front of the mower, complete with a pole.
  9. lawncare4u

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    Come on man,no way velcro will hold a sprayer on the rollbar!What you need is a TRAILER with SIdeplanks............... :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
  10. ALarsh

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