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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by gro2mow, Jul 5, 2005.

  1. gro2mow

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    Which ZTR's tend to have the most legroom? Are there any tall drivers out there? I'm 6'6" and looking for a mower just for my yard. I have sat in the JD 737 and found it very comfortable, but when I pushed the twin sticks forward they hit my knees. I don't know if they make longer sticks. Also, sat in the Country Clipper Charger and leg room wasn't that great, but with a joystick there wouldn't be a knee problem.

    Mower also has to be able to do slopes up to 30-35 degrees horizontally. So it will probably need a low center of gravity, 12" tires, and 50-60" deck size. Would also like to cap the price at no more than $8K. Like most vehicles they tend to be made for the average size drivers.

    Any ideas???
  2. SproulsLawnCare

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    Try a JD 757. I believe they have a little more room in the operators station, a little wider frame to give more hill side stability, and at around 6'4" I haven't had a "problem" with hitting my knees with the sticks. If I have the sticks that far forward, I would be going full speed (10mph). Working with the dealer should get you around $7500.
  3. iluvscag

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    Get the SCAG. You can scoot the seat forward or backward and you can raise your sticks up. :)
  4. Runner

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    I was just going to mention that, that on about all machines, the sticks have an adjustment that will raise the bars up. I'm sure the Deere would have this. I know the Exmark does. re-check on the Deere if that is what you're interested in, and see.
  5. grass_cuttin_fool

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    I was at the JD dealership a week or so ago and sat on a 737, It didnt have the room that my tiger cub does out front. The wildcat is built on the same frame as the tiger cub and you can get it with a 52-61 inch deck. The scag is the only Z I have owned, Im a lil disappointed in its hillside holding ability. Maybe Im on too much of a slope, and I do weigh 300 pounds so that is alot more weight up top also
  6. Envy Lawn Service

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    Leg room???? I hate it!!!
    Nice in cars, but sucks on ZTR's!!!

    Maybe I'm not like most, but I like to be nicely scrunched up, with my feet on the foot wedge, where I can use my legs to wedge my butt and low back nice and tightly in the seat. Otherwise I flail about, take a beating and get worn out while riding the rough lawns.

    I'm not 6'6" but I'm a tall guy too. But all I want is for the sticks not to hit me anywhere on my body. But I will tell you this much, the Lesco Z Two probably has more accomodations for the tall guy than anything else on the market. They have a HUGE amount of leg room. Too much for me, even with the seat all the way forward. Plus the controls are adjustable up and down as well as back and forth. The armrest on the seat also adjust up and down for taller people and the seat back also has several angle adjustments.

    It's available in a 19hp 48" cut, 23hp 54" cut and 25hp 60" cut. Everything but the deck and engine are identical on the last two. I have the 25hp 60" currently. The prices are VERY reasonable on these machines and the heavy duty build is second to none in my opinion.

    These are the very same machines labeled the TANK and sold under the Cub Commercial brand name, but for thousands less. TANK is very fitting to the build, but the Lesco version is the exact same thing and they are able to sell it for much less because they have cut out the middle man profit which is always passed on as an expense to the buyer. Lesco buys factory direct and sells them retail, which is 2-step distribution. Whereas Cub and others are 3-step distribution.... factory to middle man distributor to dealer. So by choosing Lesco, you avoid paying $2,000 more to cover the distributors margin.

    To say that I am pleased with Lesco and the mower would be an understatement at this point. But what is really ironic is that so far, Lesco's service far exceeds what I was recieving from my local dealers.

    Check them out.
  7. Pro-Scapes

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    i'm 6'4 and no problems on my toro z master. I fit well and it can accomadate my 5'10 wife (shes only 140 pounds) with no adjustments. I dont hit anywhere and the larger control sticks are VERY welcome on my large hands. Sticks are adjustable up and down and front to back. I have mine about all the way fwd because its just more comfy with my longarms. Hustler Super z was pretty comfy. For 30 degree slopes you mentioned I would definatly go look at thier ATZ. its a bit more than your looking to spend but Im betting you value your life at a bit more than a few grand when you flip this thing.
  8. iluvscag

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    ;) ;) ;) Scag Z not holding slopes? My Tiger's hold them like nobody's buisness.
  9. 6'7 330

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    I don’t go out in the field any longer, I’m 6’7 330 lbs and when I did go out ,I just quit riding on a z-turn, just couldn’t fit good on one.
  10. EnglishLandscaping

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    I have Scag Turf tigers and Kubota ZD28s the Kubotas have the most leg room I have seen in a mower.

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