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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Warner Farms, Mar 30, 2010.

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    Okay, I think I've read everything mowing related ever on this site but this is an area I've not seen discussed (prob. has been though). What would you say the typical life span of a zero turn mower. The guy at my local Deere/Exmark dealer, who i consider a helpful guy, says typical expectations on a commercial ZTR are 4000 hours on the machine, 1600-1800 on the pumps and 2500 on the (gas) engine. I know many of you commercial guys trade these machines more frequently but I would like your input for the sake of discussion. Same questions for walk behinds. Anybody have a ztr with what they consider above average hours on it? I guess I am asking because I am shopping for a used back up ZTR eventually and a walk behind. I know maint history plays a part but whadaya think in general? Any wear items to be particularly watchful for?
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    I can tell you on my Wb's the problems usually start after 10 years or so...
    Which, they're still useful, just have to be patient.
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    You only think you have. 1 month of reading isn't going to get you far when there is 10 years worth of posts.
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    2500-3000 hrs
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    There are lots of variables when it comes to this. You have to factor in how well you keep up with the maintenance, how hard you work the machine, conditions you mow in, etc. If you are mowing steeper hills, your hydro pumps and the related probably aren't going to last as long as someone who uses the machine on flat ground. Also, if you are mowing very overgrown properties and putting alot of stress on the engine and deck, both those things won't last as long as someone doing weekly mowing.

    I know this is a big range but, I'd say anywhere between 2000-3000 hours can be expected under "normal" conditions.
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    Do you have a relative in Arkansas somewhere???
    P.M. me if you are familiar with turfeagle.com

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