ZTR lift or ramp?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by FIRESCOOBY, Mar 7, 2007.


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    Got a question for you guys.

    This year I'll be operating out of an enclosed trailer. Last year I had an open trailer and I could pull one side up on the trailer ramp in order to access underside of deck for cleaning and changing blades. Not an option as new trailer ramp is not as steep and the lift cables being attached to the door.

    I've been kicking around the idea of buying a ZTR lift like a jungl jack or similar ($110+) or building a ramp out of PT wood. I've been trying to weight the pros and cons of eacf to make my decision. I've never used one of those lifts, but they seem pretty safe. Do the jacks give enough clearance to get under there with an 18volt Impact to change blades?

    Jack/lift Pros:
    quick to use

    Jack Cons:

    Ramp Pros:

    Ramp cons:
    Not the safest
    Heavy (the weigh I build things)

    Any opinions?
  2. green acres lawns

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    Same here. I went from a utility trailer to an enclosed trailer and can no longer use the ramp to change blades or clean the deck. What I have been doing is putting the front wheels up on a curb, or using car ramps on one side.
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    I used car ramps after I got my zero turn mower. Three years ago I bought a jungle jack Best investment I ever made. You have plenty of clearance under it to use impacts on. I even use it on the wb's mowers too. I take with me every day too so I can keep the decks clean underneath. Use either a car ramp or the jack. The both work.


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