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    Thanks you for the suggestion. I have gone through my list of zrt manufactures and identified the publically held corporations. Unfortunately there were less than I had expected. I dove into the yearlys, quarterlys, and a few of the odd balls statements and really was unable to separate out the volume done in the zrt market for any of the corporations. I also contacted OEPI and they were tight lipped even thought I am a school student willing to sign a NDA.

    I then thought it might be advantageous to find the larger publicly held commercial companies and look at the equipment section of their balance sheet. Unfortunately most of these mowing companies are privately held.

    If you would happen to catch something that I may have missed, please direct me toward it.

    I appreciated your suggestion, and encourage yourself and others to keep suggesting, even at the chance I may have thought of it already, as I may not have.


    PS ... I heard that puppypaws may have all the knowledge I need to further my project. I anyone talks to them, please point them towards my posts. Thanks again.
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    There are two markets for commercially produced z turn mowers. Many home owners with large acreage are buy z turn mowers instead of the tractors with finishing mowers.
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    snownh2o2 (does mean it's snowing hydrogen peroxide?),
    I know puppypaws and will send him a message for you. I'm sure he will be glad to help you. His dealer is the largest in the area and carries several lines of equipment, so he might be able to get you some information from his reps.

    In case it helps with any of your research, the SIC code for commercial mower manufacturers is 3523 (farm machinery and equipment) and residential mower manufacturers is 3524.
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    I don't know why, but for some reason most people think its just a bunch of jumbled letters (snownh2o2). In actuality it was chosen about 10 years ago in the days of AOL. It actually stands for snow & water with a 2 after it because the first time I signed up with snownh2o, I messed it up and it locked out the name, hence snownh2o2. Snowin Hydrogen Peroxide would also be correct, however I had never looked at it that way before your post.

    Thanks for trying to but me in touch with puppypaws and for the information you provided too. I will have look them up but I will later on in the day.

    Thanks again,
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    You will not get an accurate answer for this question. I will try to give you a little insight on some of the markets. To give you a good indication, Toro is the largest producer generating the most income from mower sales, with Exmark being the largest in sales of zero turn mowers for several years, and Toro owning Exmark.

    John Deere is the strongest financially but a small player in the zero turn market.


    Toro Professional

    "Professional segment net sales for fiscal 2009 totaled $965.9 million, down 25.9 percent from fiscal 2008. Demand in key professional end markets including the golf, municipal and landscape contractor, remained soft throughout the year as customers generally chose to defer purchases of new equipment and irrigation systems. Despite the sales decline, aggressive efforts to lower field inventories position the company for growth in the eventual recovery. For the fourth quarter, professional segment net sales were $165.3 million, down 21.8 percent from the prior year period.
    Professional segment earnings for fiscal 2009 totaled $127.6 million, down from $233.4 million last year. For the fourth quarter, professional segment earnings were $1.2 million compared to $13.8 million in the same period last year.

    Selling, general and administrative (SG&A) expenses for fiscal 2009 were down 12.9 percent, but increased to 26 percent of net sales from 24.2 percent last year. For the fourth quarter, SG&A expenses were down 6.5 percent, but increased to 32.9 percent of net sales from 29.7 percent in the same period last year. While the company has been aggressively reducing expenses, the drop in sales volumes was greater than the rate of decline in SG&A costs.

    Other expense for fiscal 2009 was up $4.0 million compared to last year, and increased $1.8 million in the fourth quarter over the prior year period. The increase was mostly due to higher expense for litigation settlements.

    Accounts receivable at the end of fiscal 2009 totaled $143.7 million, down 43.9 percent, on a revenue decline of 15.4 percent for the fourth quarter."

    The last numbers I heard was Exmark sales were down 52%, Scag was down 38%, Hustler was down 24%, Ferris was down 40%, Bobcat was up 6% and Bad Boy up 14%. These are the higher volume zero turn mower sales companies at this point in time.

    The economy being extremely weak in 2009 brings into reality a company not going below 30% in sales will not bankrupt them, it is not good but they can recover easily with correct management. It looked worse for Exmark percentage wise but 52% of 500,000 is not nearly as bad as 52% of 100,000.

    Bad Boy is gaining market share faster than any zero turn mower company in business. They are actually causing the more expensive mower companies to produce a lower caliber mower to compete, such as Hustler with their Big Dog line. It doesn't matter if someone likes a particular brand or not, the smallest amount of common sense helps people realize competition is good for any market.
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    Thanks for the reply. It is by far the best information I have recieved thus far. I have a couple more quick questions? Do you have any idea if the numbers from the Toro professional were referencing Toro and Exmark or just Toro as a standalone? Also the $.95B net sales figure; is that total ZTR market net sales, or just Toro or Toro/Exmark. Finally, do you have any ballpark information on the number of ZTR mowers sold in a recent year or an idea of the percentage of the market that Toro/Exmark holds?

    Currently fiction:
    The way I see it, if the combination of Toro and Exmark net sales is roughly $1B and I just guess that they sell an average mower to a dealer for $5,000, then they are selling 200,000 mowers per year. If they together have 50% marketshare, then there are 400,000 units being sold industry wide per year.

    There is still a hole lot of speculation in what I wrote above, so if anyone could help firm up any of my assumptions it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks you,


    PS ... Not to rush anyone, however I have to give a preliminary presentation to my professor in about a week and a half. Thanks again.

    PPS ... On a final note, if anyone knows a rep. or someone else that would be willing to speak to me off the record, to give me a better feel for my project, please send me a way to contact them or have them contact me @ phone number six, one, zero, - five, nine, seven, - eight, nine, five, eight. Everything will be help confidential and nothing will be spoken of as factual. Thanks.

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    puppypaws gives some good insight, however remeber Toro Professional is not fully lawnmowers, it includes construction equipment, etc.
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    Full Description: The Toro Company (Toro), incorporated in 1935, designs, manufactures, and markets professional turf maintenance equipment and services, turf and agricultural micro-irrigation systems, landscaping equipment, and residential yard and snow removal products. The Company operates in three segments: professional, residential and distribution. Its products are advertised and sold at the retail level under the trademarks of Toro, Exmark, Irritrol, Hayter, Pope, Lawn-Boy and Lawn Genie. During the fiscal year ended October 31, 2009 (fiscal 2009), the segments professional, residential and distribution accounted for 63%, 35% and 2%, respectively, of the Company's net sales. During fiscal 2009, the Company acquired certain assets of Ty-Crop Manufacturing Ltd., a manufacturer of topdressing and material handling equipment for golf course and sports fields applications.


    Toro designs professional turf and agricultural products and market them worldwide through a network of distributors and dealers, as well as directly to government customers, rental companies and large retailers. Products are sold to professional users engaged in creating landscapes, irrigating turf and agricultural fields, and maintaining turf, such as golf courses, sports fields, municipal properties, and residential and commercial landscapes. Products for the landscape contractor market include zero-turn radius riding mowers, heavy-duty walk behind mowers, mid-size walk behind mowers, stand-on mowers, compact utility loaders and walk-behind trenchers. These products are sold through dealers and are also available through rental centers to individuals and companies who maintain and create residential and commercial landscapes on behalf of property owners. The Company markets its products to landscape contractors under the Toro and Exmark brands. During fiscal 2009, it introduced the Toro GrandStand.

    The Company’s products for the sports fields and grounds market include riding rotary mowers and attachments, aerators, and debris management products, which include versatile debris vacuums, blowers and sweepers. Other products include multipurpose vehicles, such as the Toro Workman, which can be used for turf maintenance, towing and industrial hauling. These products are sold through distributors, who then sell to owners and/or managers of sports fields, municipal properties, and residential and commercial landscapes. During fiscal 2009, it introduced Groundsmaster 4500-D and 4700-D. It also introduced Toro Workman HD series of utility vehicles.

    The Company’s products for the golf course market include large reel and rotary riding products for fairway, rough and trim cutting; riding and walking mowers for putting greens and specialty areas; turf sprayer equipment; utility vehicles; aeration equipment, and bunker maintenance equipment. It also manufactures and markets underground irrigation systems, including sprinkler heads, controllers, turf sensors, and electric, battery-operated, and hydraulic valves. Turf irrigation products marketed under the Toro and Irritrol brands include sprinkler heads, plastic and brass valves, and electric and hydraulic control devices designed to be used in residential and commercial turf irrigation systems. Turf irrigation products marketed under the Toro and Irritrol brands include sprinkler heads, plastic and brass valves, and electric and hydraulic control devices designed to be used in residential and commercial turf irrigation systems.

    The Company’s retail irrigation products are marketed under the Toro and Lawn Genie brand names. Products for the micro-irrigation market include products that regulate the flow of water for drip irrigation, including Aqua-TraXX PBX drip tape, Aqua-TraXX PC (pressure-compensating) drip tape, Blue Stripe polyethylene tubing and Drip In drip line, all used in agriculture, mining and landscape applications. In addition to these products, it offers a range of control devices and connection options to complete the system. These products are sold primarily through dealers and distributors who then sell to end users for use primarily in vegetable fields, fruit and nut orchards, vineyards, landscapes, and mines.


    The Company markets its residential products to homeowners through a range of distribution channels, including outdoor power equipment dealers, hardware retailers, home centers, mass retailers and over the Internet. These products are sold mainly in North America, Europe and Australia, with the exception of snow removal products that are sold primarily in North America and Europe. It also licenses its trade name to other manufacturers and retailers on certain products. The Company manufactures and markets walk power mower models under its Toro and Lawn-Boy brand names, as well as the Pope brand in Australia and the Hayter brand in the United Kingdom.

    During fiscal 2009, the Company introduced a range of Lawn-Boy walk-power mowers. The Company manufactures and markets riding products under the Toro brand name worldwide and under the Hayter brand name in the United Kingdom. It also manufactures riding mower products and attachments for a third party under a private label agreement. It also sells lawn and garden tractor models, as well as a rear engine riding mower manufactured and sold in the European market. It designs and markets home solutions products under the Toro and Pope brand names, including electric and battery operated flexible line grass trimmers, electric blower-vacuums, electric blowers, and electric snow throwers. In Australia, it also designs and markets underground and hose-end retail irrigation products under the Pope brand name. Toro manufactures and markets a range of gas-powered single-stage and two-stage snow thrower models. Single-stage snow throwers are walk behind units with lightweight two- and four-cycle gasoline engines.

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