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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by airtractrdrivr, Jul 24, 2004.

  1. airtractrdrivr

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    Hey guys, I'm new here, so hello to all. I've been lurking around reading for a while now, and have really got some good info so far. Anyway, I've been mowing part time now for the last two years, and have decided to go at it full time. I've been using a 20hp 46" deck lawn tractor to do the bulk of my work, but I've outgrown it with some of the stuff I'm doing this season, and honestly, it's about worn out. All my equipment is paid for (trimmers, blower, trailer, spray rig, acc.) except my truck, and I am thinking now is the time to move up to a ztr mower. I am trying to sell a 40' gooseneck flatbed trailer I have, and when it sells, I will have a tad over $5000 to spend. With the trailer I have (60" wide), I am limited to something with a 52" deck. What would you recommend?
  2. airtractrdrivr

    airtractrdrivr LawnSite Member
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    AH, come on, I know you guys are out there!
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    Use the search function on this site, lots of info on all brands.
    BUT for me I like J.D Scag ,Toro Kubota.ARIENS ,GRAVELY HUSTLER.
    Theres lots out there to choose from, it depends on the work you do. best thing to do is demo all those in your price range to get a feel for what sutes you best.:D
    good luck------PHIL.
  4. tarp5350

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    this is the home of no replys
  5. TennYD

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    I just upgraded to a 144 Gravely ... great investment
  6. airtractrdrivr

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    Yeah, I'm starting to see that. Almost makes you think that us new guys with legitimate questions aren't welcome. :rolleyes:

    Hey, I see you are in Lexington, OK. I'm just South of you down the big road, in Davis.
  7. airtractrdrivr

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    What size deck did you get? I checked that one out on their website. If you dont mind me asking, what was the price?
  8. airtractrdrivr

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    Duh! I guess if I would read better I would see it is only available with a 44" deck.
  9. BSDeality

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    it depends how much use you want to get out of a machine and the properties you service. is a ZTR really necessary for you? my average lawn is 3/4 acre. I used to use a 50" WB and it was very efficient (ie, $1/min). I recently upgraded to a 60" gravely 260 and i've improved my times significantly. however i must mow many-a-lawn to pay off that machine ($8k) but I plan on being in the business for the long run so i decided to go with the more expensive option over a new hydro WB.

    I don't know how you feel about financing, but i would take that $5k and put a down payment on a 52" Z (don't go smaller than 52 with a z). I cannot say what brand to get since i don't know what dealers you have as options around you. Most _commercial_ Z's are close to the same quality and capacity as each other. Pick a company with good dealer support close by. don't drive 100 miles to save $400 either!. that being said I would recommend the gravely 252 from my experience with the 260 though if possible. :)

    Good luck.
  10. airtractrdrivr

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    I plan on getting a lot of use out of a Z. I have properties ranging from 2K up to almost 2 acres, and am working hard on building my business every day. My main problem right now is that the rider I have been using is just plain worn out. I am going to have to make a purchase soon anyway, and would just as soon apply the money toward a good commercial Z and not another tractor. I need to speed up my production, and the tractor just cant keep up with what I need to be doing now, and what I am intending to do in the future. All my other equipment is commercial grade stuff (Stihl trimmers, blower, Toro push mower) and I custom built my spray rig. The only thing I really need is a good commercial rider. Most of my properties would be accessible with a Z, and the ones that arent are back yards that I can do quickly with a push mower. Dealers that are close (within 50 miles) carry Toro, Hustler, Gravely, and I think Exmark. I am not really all that enthused about financing, as all my stuff is paid for right now except for my truck. I have been contemplating a good used Z if I can find one in my price range so as not to have to finance. But, if I have to finance a couple grand in addition to what I have, I will. And no, I wont go any smaller than a 52" deck. My trailer is only 60" wide, so a 52" is about all I can do. I'd like to have a 60" if I could design some way to make it fit on my trailer.

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