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I have 1.5 acres of high quality level lawn with some tight spots, ~ half acre of field with slight grade and lots of bumps. I also mow into 10 feet into the woods/thickets regularly at 5" to keep it so my dog can run/hunt/do his biz. It was some work taking it back from the forest, but its manageable if I keep up with it. We also take turns with our neighbors landscaper mowing the length of our 1700' private drive and around a pond on the adjacent conservation land that is bumpy with wild grasses. I recently stopped bagging my clippings because I've been advised that its best for the lawn an it saves time. Lastly, I have a cyclone rate that I tow for Fall leaf pickup, but that is probably only 3-4 weeks of the year.

I've been mowing with my Kubota GR2120 54" all wheel drive tractor that I needed for my last property that had a really steep grade. Its taking close to 2 hours to mow just our property with the tractor and I have to push mow some parts because of maneuverability. I've come to the conclusion it isn't the right piece of equipment for this new property.

I think I want an entry level commercial ZTR mower, for speed, maneuverability and suspension because of the bumpy fields. I would prefer to overbuy and get high quality, take good care of it and have it for 10-15 years. I only have room for 1 piece of equipment and am committed to staying in the 52-54" deck range based on the entrance to my shed.

I looked at a Ferris ISX 2200 with a Vanguard oil guard system today which seems like it is probably a little more than I need, but could afford it if I am convinced its worth the extra money. They didn't have any ISX800 in stock, but are getting one that is pre-sold that I can look at this weekend and on paper, that seems like it might be the one. I'm also considering JD. The local dealer only has Z720E on the lot and said availability is going to be an issue. Kubota recommends a Z724XKW for me but doesn't know when they will get something in stock. I will say, I really liked the Ferris dealer. I liked my old Kubota dealer in MA and got the quote from them, but the local Kubota dealership in RI told me I had to rent a U-Haul trailer to bring my tractor in for service or pay $300 for a pick up so I'm disinclined to do business with them. The JD dealership was underwhelming. We've have a Gravely dealer right up the street that I haven't looked at, but I've seen bad reviews.

Would love some advice and recommendations. Thanks in advance.

Heinz W

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Southwest Pa.
I bought a JD 740R two years ago and love it. 48" for a better cut on my three uneven, sometimes bumpy acres and the suspension seat is a very welcome feature. Worth every penny. My JD dealer is very good though, and that is important when making such a large purchase. They will pick up and drop off the mower for service. The dealer you buy from is as important as the machine itself.

At first I thought I was spending too much for a mower, but after one cut I knew it was the right decision. Amazing machine.

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