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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by TurfGuyTX, Jan 2, 2002.

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    I was hoping you could tell me if you'd recommend mulching or bagging with weekly mowing of perrenial rye. We are going to purchase our first ztr and also are interested in blower and edger attachments. Do they do quality work?
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    Turf Guy,

    Perennial rye, although utilized through out much of the south and southwest should generally be treated like a northern spring grasses.

    You can mulch the rye grass in however it can be difficult to keep up with the growth for the first cutting or the first few cuttings. Once the grass begins to grow, just like northern grasses, it grows quickly, and the grass blades are somewhat tender and saturated with moisture. Often in the early growth stage of the lawn you will need to cut twice per week if your mulching to prevent clumping and an over abundance of clippings in the lawn.

    Rather than cutting twice a week with a mulch kit some professionals will bag the lawn for the first cut or the first few cuts depending upon conditions. Once the growth rate slows down and the rye begins to establish itself mulching is generally pretty straightforward.

    I did a little research and ran across an article that pointed out that while your summer grass is dormant the rye grass is consuming nutrients from the soil. This generally does not hurt the rye but can inhibit the summer grass as it begins to re-establish itself. This would add even more validity to mulching.

    That was kinda the long answer. The short answer is mulch, take your time and use your judgement. If you can't mulch early in the growth season then bag for a short time. You, the lawn and ultimately the customer will most likely be happier.



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