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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JimMac, Aug 5, 2002.

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    Which is better...a belly-mount ztr mower or a(n) out-front mower? The belly mount doesn't have the trimmability (overhang)that the out front has. Plus the out front can be utilized with more attachments. But the bellymount (mid mount)seems more manuverable in tight residential yards, as well as more compact on the trailer and in storage. Is there anything I'm forgetting? Since your talking about $10,000.00, this is a big investment for me. Bellymount mowers I am considering are either the super mini Z from Exel, or the Lazer HP from Exmark. Out- front mowers I am considering is the Grasshopper 725. or the Scag cougar. Any feedback on these models would be appreciated. Are there any others worthy of consideration? Also, what is better, air cooled gas engines, or liquid cooled gas engines. I do not want diesal, since they are loud, expensive to repair, and hard to start in the cold weather. Thanks in advance to anyone who can advise me. JimMac
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    Jim- Let me be the first to welcome you to lawnsite... Here you will find more information than you could possibly read in a year. How do you find that hidden information you ask? The SEARCH feature up at the top right of your screen. Its right above the PLOWSITE link. You will get mixed opinions on all of your questions, and I will answer generally each one. Another out front mower to consider is Walker, they pretty much rule from what I hear.
    L/C vs. A/C is a good question. L/C stays cooler, therefore (hopefully) extending engine life. From what I understand they are new to the market, and dont have enough official testing yet, but theory says they should last longer and be more efficient.
    Diesal, dont be so quick to shun it out. While it is much more expensive to begin with, they get much better fuel efficiency and life, which should pay for itself over a period of time.
    I have a full sized L/C Lazer Z, which I love. Its a great machine, very manuverable, but I havent tried a front mount, so I cant compare.
    One last thing- Take everything you read here on Lawnsite with a grain of salt.
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    Welcome aboard!

    When considering an outfront mower, go with Walker. Midmount mower consider the eXmark.

    Have you heard any of the diesels on a mower? Most are quieter than the gas motors.
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    If you're going to make a sizable investment in your company, make sure you do it right. Tell your dealer you want to demo a few mowers so you can see which one is right for you. Every person's company is different and has different needs. Try not to let cost drive you away from something that will benifit you, but don't go overboard. Many people will tell you which mower works best for them (out front or belly) but you decide.
    Have fun demoing and good luck.
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    If you pay anywhere near 10K for an Exmark lazer HP then I have some real estate in New Mexico that I can sell you.
  6. Out front deck you can keep. That's what Hydro Walk Behinds are for.

    ZTR MID MOUNT MID MOUNT, any other configuration and they loose traction, trailer space, etc....

    Trim abillity I used to think that back in the golden days with grasshoppers and cushmans.


    Why the HP one?>>>>>>Lazer 60" will fit almost anywhere the HP's will go.

    AND still under $9,000

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