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ZTR Mower Recomendation


LawnSite Member
Topeka, KS
I have viewed many post on here debating mowers, but wanted to get some advice about my particular situation. I have a 3 acre residence which has about 2.5 acres to mow. I currently have a 2001 Grasshopper 618 with the 52" deck. It has the wide stance rear end, etc.. I like the mower and for some reason when I got this place and went hunting for a mower I was completely against the mid mount mowers. I really can't complain about the grasshopper much, but it just leaves me wanting more. I just feel like my place could be mowed faster then it takes now. I have been reading about Deere, Hustler, Dixie, Big Dog, Scag, Ferris, Exmark, Walker Etc..... I have pretty much made up my mine to try something different even if it is just a Grasshopper Mid-mount. My place has some hills and a few tricky places, but at times the grass grows so fast before I can get to it my mower is call upon to take up to 3"-4" inches off. The Grasshopper bogs down sometimes and I have to slow up. Basically I am just wanting to get some opinions of what the best mower I could get is that will do the job faster (I would like to step up to a 60-63" deck perhaps) and still do a great cut/deliver a happy experience for me everytime (My mowing is when I put on headphones and forget the world for awhile). After two years with the Grasshopper it seems mundane and I want to spice it up. I realize forums can be overly biased so please:

1. List your top three brand choices according to your likes.

2. Give me all the info you want about why your number one pick is the mower I should buy.

I am not trying to be demanding or anything I just think sites like this are a great tool to prevent guys like me from making regretable mistakes.

One more thing I will be buying this mower used (300 hours or less) so it needs to be able to be found used. Which brings up the point that my Grasshopper with 260 hours is pretty much for sale and I have the dozer blade attachment as well. Thanks for your help if you provide it!!

baker 6

LawnSite Member
i have a 27 hp exmark 72" cut. i mow a property that is 3.0 acres and it takes about 45-50 min. i have owned several grasshopper's (mid mount and front deck) they are a good machine. but i am really happy with the exmark.


LawnSite Senior Member
It sounds like you generally 'like' your GH... have you thought about re-powering it to more HP?

Just a thought and prob a lot less $$ then replacing the mower altogether.


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Sylvania, Ga
I love my Hustler Fastrak 52. Nothing wrong with the Gh though, just more expensive. Look at the new fastrak, they are now 54". Between my mother and my grass we mow 3-3.5A. Hustlers seem to be simple and solid. The new Fastraks have better hydos than the old models. Now with spin on filters.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Midland, Texas
Scag, easier to service, very rugged.


LawnSite Senior Member
the Fasttrak has five points to grease, all of which are above the mower not underneath. how much easier could it be?