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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Jeff Voorhies, Apr 22, 2006.

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    I have 4 acres of lawn to cut. I cut around the house with a Honda rider and cut the rest with a tractor and bushog. I want to invest in a ztr mower to be able to finish my yard work faster and also use it for the entire acreage should my tractor breakdown. Was wanting some advice on ztr mowers. I will probably get a 20 HP with approx. a 48" cut. I need something that is not to big to be able to fit through my storage room double doors. I have in my area the following: Dixie Chopper, Grasshopper,Ferris, Exmark, John Deere and kubota. Would appreciate pros and cons on these choices. Thanks
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    I was in a similar boat as you. I could only fit a 48 deck in my shed. If you can fit a bigger deck in your shed do it. The CT model you can get up to a 60" deck. About the mower, it's a tank. I had a non comercial ZTR and it was showing wear after 150 hrs(life about 500 hrs, the CT's life is about 2000-3000 hrs). The cut on the CT is excellent. I thought my other ztr had a nice cut but the CT beats it hands down. Another nice feature is the deap deck, it doesn't clog up like my last one. My CT has a 18 hp Brigs Vanguard comercial engine on it. It has more than enough power even in heavy grass while mulching. My other tractor would bog down in the heavy grass even if I was not mulching. What ever tractor you get make sure you buy the striping kit. It makes your lawn look great. I cut my lawn which is 1.25 of lawn, property almost 2 acres in about 45 minutes to 1 hr. If your property is pretty smooth you can go fast if it is not you will have to get a good suspension seat or slow down.

    Basicly I love the mower. I wish I would of ponied up the extra 1400 in the first place.

    See home owner striper post. I attached two photos of my lawn.
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    I to am looking at mowers for the same reason as you, and some of the same mowers. After test driving about 8 different brands and studding all the features this is what I found.
    They are all about the same. One has this and one has that but one brand is not clearly (Better) than the rest. It would seam to me that the best choice would be one that you can get parts for 10 years from now. And use a dealer close to home, not 50 miles away. (Like some that I looked at.)
    The only mower that stands out with something different is the Ferris. All ZTRs ride ruff, except the Ferris. It has a smooth and comfortable ride. So before you spend this kind of cash on something that someone here tells you is the best, ride them all.....
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    I was in the same boat, and studied for about a year and 1/2 before I purchased. I mow 5 acres+, and when time came to buy, I looked one more time at all the brands close to me, which includes about all of them, and ended back at the Cub Cadet dealer for a 72" Tank. I had decided before I found the deal on the 72" cut that I would buy a Ferris for the ride alone, but the additional 12" of cut for about $200 less, and several guys on here having had great luck with Cub's and Lesco I chose the cub.

    You are quite right, they all have one or two items that make them unique but from a homeowners view point they are all very simular. Prices and prices in your area will make a huge difference. The ferris in my area is the everyday economy unit, with deere being the high end. Walkers are out of sight for the size of unit (although I thought they cut better in person than most others). On my place the goal is to cut the mow time way down, which I did.
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    Jeff, what part of Louisiana are you in.. The John Deere dealer (Hi-crop) in New Iberia has real good prices on commercial equipment and great customer service.

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