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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by QTwo, Sep 2, 2004.

  1. QTwo

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    A newby to this site and to an Exmark Viking Hydro. Looking for advice on a few problems that I noticed pretty quickly with the zero turn versus other mowers.

    - When making turns on the lawn, how do you avoid tearing the lawn under the pivot wheel? I had little swirl areas under the wheel where grass was ripped up or embedded in to the wheel.

    - How do you smooth the start/stop to keep an even cut height? I found that at the beginning of rows, I had a little "wave" going on as I popped a wheelie.

    Any other advice or tips on getting a smooth cut? My finished product was a little ragged.

    Thanks for your help.
  2. GreenMonster

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    Hey QTwo.

    I was new this year, and learned the tricks on this site. If you do a search, you'll find lots of info from guys MUCH more experienced than me.

    That said, the trick seems to be keeping both wheels turning at the same time. So, instead of "pivoting on one wheel to turn", the pivot wheel should be turning backwards, while the other wheel is turning forward.

    I never really experienced the "wheelie" problem, unless done intentionally:D . Maybe you can be a little smoother by releasing and squeezing the controls (pistol grip?) with a little more finesse.

    Good Luck.

    Where in NH are you?
  3. QTwo

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    from NH
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    Thanks for the advice. I did a quick search for pivoting and divots after seeing your post. Very helpful. Now to perfect my "Y" turns.

    I am in Salem.

    HOOLIE LawnSite Gold Member
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    The whole beauty of a ZTR is that you can turn on a dime. I don't understand the Y or 3-point turn thing. That's like going 35mph in a Lamborghini. The divots are caused when one of the wheels is stationary while the other is turning. Just practice turning with one wheel rotating backwards and the other forwards.

    As far as the wheelies, the handles might need to be adjusted so you have a little play in them. This will help you "ease" into a stripe.
  5. LCME

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    When I first used my hydro man, I thought what the... I did not understand how to zero turn. I was ripping grass everywhere on my lawn. Operating the hydro wb on turns will take time to learn the zero turn. I'm not very good at explaining but I'll give it a try. Before you turn around slow down by squeezing both levers. Once you're ready to turn, lets say right, hold the left leaver steady. And, squeeze the right until the right wheel reverses. Once you have completed the turn let both leavers out smoothly to build up speed. Practice practice practice. I'm a fast learner. But, still took me about a month to really get the hang-of-it. I use a sulky and do not walk. Not sure if walking changes things too much with what I said above. Hope this helps.

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