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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tacoma200, Dec 24, 2006.

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    When I drove a truck it was common practice for my company to send a sample of oil to be analyzed each time it was changed. The company that checked the oil could tell a lot about what was going on with the engine to head off any problems before they happened. Does anyone send engine oil sample from any of your equipment be it ZTR, WB, truck, etc to check for engine problems. I know they could detect heat related problems, metal fatigue, shavings, etc.
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    For this service to provide the best information, it's important to analyze samples at each oil change to establish a baseline. This is often done for aircraft and industrial engines because they are very expensive and reliability is paramount. For an inexpensive engine on a lawnmower, I don't think it would be worthwhile to spend the money.

    I think you'd be better off changing the oil and air filter frequently.
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    suggestions 4 oil changes
    1/operate in dusty conditions change oil sooner than recommended
    2/operate in high temps/humidity as above
    3/operate in highly loaded eg tall wet thick grass as above
    4/operate air cooled engine [high oil temps] as above
    5/does your machine load up under normal conditions dry grass average height etc ,this can indicate undersize engine 4 application therefore placing undue stress on engine and the oil --- change oil sooner than recommended
    6/use semi sythetic or full synthetic if your budget allows
    7/if your engine has no oil filter as above

    Recommended site "bob is the oil guy" --plenty of usefull information including virgin oil samples and used sAMPLES. Heaps of subjects .Donot forget particle count when u send oil in to be checked out.

    IMO if industrial equipment are running 100--200 plus oil service intervals ,mowing equipment serviced at around 50hrs is very short indeed.
    Costly exercise for oil sampling in mowing equipment .
    Redirect money used 4 sampling into good maintenance practices ,tools ,shop labour .In addition use only premium mineral oil or semi synthetic in engine and spend the money saved by not using full syn, on a valve adjustment /cooling system service etc etc

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    Usually oil sampling is only done to establish the optimal OCIs. The mere presence of contaminates in the oil doesn't always mean that there is something wrong with the engine. It may simply be an indicator that the wrong oil or even brand of oil is being used. Most testing labs like Blackwood will send along recommendations with sample results.
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    since i am now using very expensive oil and filters and oiled air prefilters, and therefore hope to extend the change interval a bit, i plan to send my oil in before my first oil change next season to see if i should in fact extend it.

    its $25, and that includes shipping... not bad, but i wouldnt do it all the time.. just if i was changing something like i am.
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    Hey Tomo, What is that web site again?

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