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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by rcracer, Dec 1, 2007.

  1. rcracer

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    I am getting out of the air force in Feb and I am starting my own lawncare business. I read alot of different opinions on here about ztr or wb to start out with. If I got a middle class exmark ztr would that be a bad move? Or should I get a wb?

    Thanks for any input Jeremy
  2. grasscutter845

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    You have to think about, how big your lawns are? how many you want? If you buy a ztr your going to have to get a bigger trailer than if you got a wb. I would buy a wb pay it off then move up. Start small grow when the work is there. If you buy a 52 or 61 inch ztr first and dont have a walkbehind your not going to be able to fit threw 4 foot gates so you will have to use a small 21 inch mower and thats a real pain in the you know what.
  3. rcracer

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    Thanks for the information, I am wanting to also get into to commercial contracts as well. Will a wb be big enough for that? I have a 6 by 12 trailer with fold down ramp. I guess I was just figuring on getting a big mower and just flat out going big right from the start. Maybe I should chill and not get over my head seeing hows I only have 2 lawns so far. Thanks for the advice!
  4. grasscutter845

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    Thats what i wanted to do buy a big ztr like all the other landscapers around here with the nice trucks and enclosed trailer, but with all that comes a big bill every month. Everything i have is paid for expect my truck. I have 18 lawns and do them all with the wb. This spring i will be buying my first ztr becuase im growing like crazy and i have a demand for it. also becuase i plan on having about 10 more accounts. And i know it will pay for itself next season which is a big thing for me. Start out doing residential get a feel for it than start bidding on commercial stuff
  5. humble1

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    If you dont want to walk you can get a velkie to stand on. Get the accounts first then the equip. If you are going to ramp up this next spring get the accounts, before you need the mower that will help you judge what you would need

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    when i started out i had a jd tractor,,an snapper rearengine type,, after i got over 10 accounts i went lookin for a low hr used z mower,,i found a cub scag,with 400hrs' for around 2500,plus i did some horsetrading, with some to boot type of thing i gave them a old tractor that needed alot restoring,,,a old ford 8n then i got me a couple commercial accounts,making more $$$$,, i then invested in a new hustler mini-z,,faster is better,,,more $$$$ now i have 14 rest,,,2commercial accounts and getting a few new account i think 20 will be enough for me,,i'm working solo as of now
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    IMO, ztr's are the way to go, even in small lawns i can get in and out of just about any place. if youcant afford a push or WB for fenced in areas, turn them down. i thought about dumping all lawns that require one. there is so much work around me i should be picky. less equiptment = less overhead = more profit.

    if your lawns are decent sized, ZTR all the way. be careful, there are alot of guys on here pushing the 21" jobbers. gotta wonder what kind of advice that is if you have anything larger than a postage stamp sized lawn
  8. rcracer

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    Thanks again for the help. I already replaced my trailer that was stolen a few weeks back with a 6 by 12. I am trying to make the mower the only thing I finance. How big are most peoples back fences to their yard on average. I am a little nervous about starting this on mine own, but very excited. Thanks once again for all the help. One last question if I did get a commercial lawn say 1 acre can I do that suffiently with a walk behind mower?
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    You know my opinion, tired of repeating myself.

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