ztr over new sod

Andrew H

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ok so i am going to ask this really dumb question;

is it ok to bring a ztr over sod that was put in about 4 weeks ago? the yard is about 11,000^2' and i didn't't want to use mu little toro push mower for such a big yard. my concerns with bringing the ztr are, it will be too heavy or it will suck up the corners and tear up the new lawn, but one of the pros of bringing my ztr over it is, i can set the deck height higher and also lower the throttle (but not too much because of the extra blade for the bagging unit.)
also my ztr is about 1300 lbs...

so please some insight would be greatly appreciated...


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Kitchener, ON
New sod, I'd start out cutting it at max height and the machine shouldn't sink in more than an inch unless there's been HEAVY rain over the last 24 hours. After four weeks it should be relatively set in anyway. I wouldn't worry too much, they don't call'm turf tires for nothin'


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the rain in MI is killing me. Lake levels are so high my boat hoist wont lift my Mastercraft outta the water. I wanna ski b4 wrk but i gotta wait. it sucks.