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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ratherbeboating, Jan 15, 2004.

  1. ratherbeboating

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    I've been looking around for a ZTR and figured I'd let everyone know the prices I received in the Northern VA/Western Va area.

    all 2004 models with 60" deck and 27hp air cooled Kohler.
    (trying to keep apples to apples)

    Bobcat..............$7750 to $8295 with the 8295 being a 25hp Kohler, yep you read that correctly.

    Hustler Z..........$7190 this is with rebate my dealer says is coming soon to $8400.

    Lesco...............$6275 to $6375 everyone about the same.

    Exmark............$7395 to $8340 same dealer that gave me the 8340 quoted 7195 for a 23 Kohler, $1150 for 4 hp?????

    Toro 500 series....$7750 to $9200

    everyone seems to be within a few hundred of each other, I guess it's just which machine you prefer.

    good luck and as always keep up the great info.

  2. Phishook

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    if you're looking at a 27hp, check into a fuel injected 28hp.

    Do the math, the fuel savings adds up.

    I got an 04 Lazer Zefi, with a roller, mulch kit, and a vac for 10,800. I think the mower only was 9000, and he said 8000 for the 27.
  3. ztoro

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    in nj I found Toro and exmarks prices to be reversed.

    I got a toro z500 for 7300 and the exmark dealer wanted 8,000

    I also did buy at the end of the season so I am sure the prices were discounted
  4. DennisF

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    from Florida
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    I paid $6715 plus tax a few months back for my Hustler Z 52 inch with 23 Kawasaki. I added a mulch kit, blow out kit and set of gator mulching blades. Total out the door was $7350. I love the mower and it's the toughest piece of equipment I've ever owned. I demoed all the big names and Hustler won hands down. Good luck
  5. chevyman1

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    go there and check out the Zero turns WITH Independent Suspensions...competitive prices, best quality
  6. D Fricks

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    Just purchased a new Toro Z588E EFI 28 HP in Dec. have not used it much just playing around the yard. also been using an Exmark Lazer HP for 3 seasons the new deck on the Toro looks awesome will post more when spring comes and see how it handles the grass after a 3 day rain fall
  7. Kelly's Landscaping

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    I’m and exmark man but in all fairness scag should of been on your list. If for nothing else to show exmark isn’t the most expensive.
  8. ratherbeboating

    ratherbeboating LawnSite Member
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    I’m and exmark man but in all fairness scag should of been on your list. If for nothing else to show exmark isn’t the most expensive.

    Kelly's Landscaping:

    This is true, Scag should have been on my list but I didn't price them since I kind of already knew that they are more expensive with no real benefits over the other top entries.
    I had looked into their w/b's before buying an exmark. ( I know, I know just because the w/b's are more expensive doesn't mean that the ztr's are.) when I spoke to a dealer that sold both Exmark and Scag he also mentioned that the scags are more.

    Another update to the original post, I did find a dealer with a Super Z 60" 27Kohler at $7350. He has some kind of deal on his supers because his hustler Z's are $7500.
  9. rob1325

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    Scags aren't that more expensive unless you go to 29 DFI or 31 Briggs aircooled (which many others don't offer yet) & you do get more benefits with Scag than others.
  10. pcnservices

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    Hey chevyman, Just out of curiosity - what about wheel alignment on those IS mowers? I once heard or read somewhere that it can be a problem and hard to correct. Do you know anything about it?

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